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Coinbase soars infected by bitcoin and awaiting its quarterly results



Coinbase presents this Tuesday its business results for the second quarter of the year and, as prior to that, has rrecorded increases of 8% on Wall Street, reaching $ 280 per share as the intraday maximum. He has also been helped by rally that bitcoin has experienced since Saturday, which is over $ 45,000.

The cryptocurrency market has had a very good weekend, which has been followed this Monday with figures very close to their prices in May, when the queen of digital currencies reached $ 46,000. In this context, the ethereum it is also with important increases.

This has caused securities linked to 'cryptos' to be rising eagerly on the Nasdaq, as Marathon Digital, Riot Blockchain and Coinbase.

In the case of the 'cryptobroker', it is expected that its presentation of results this Tuesday will be key to its future in the equity markets. "I think their user growth is going to exceed 60 million verified users, and I think that is going to be a kind of benchmark that they will continue to feed off of," he said Friday. Bill Baruch, from Blue Line Capital, to 'CNBC'.

According to the Bolsamanía analyst, Jose Maria Rodriguez, Coinbase stocks describe a double bottom pattern, identified on the chart by a 'W'. "As its name suggests, the pattern is made up of two consecutive (minimum) valleys that are roughly equal, with a moderate rebound in between. Showing significant support," he explains.

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