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TRON (TRX) Moves In The Right Direction With DeFi



Justin Sun, on his birthday, said: Today is my birthday and the ninth year of starting my business career. I sincerely thank all TRON community members, developers, and partners who support TRON on this particular day.

Thanks to you, TRON can turn everything into reality. You make TRON stronger, better, popular, and growing at incredible speed.

Never forget your original intentions, so you can always carry on. We will explore the brilliant journey together. Following this era, let's ride the wind and waves together and create brilliance together.

Community Response: Let's continue with this great project! In a few years, everyone will want to have TRX. It doesn't matter how many times a person falls; It matters how many times a person gets up! I totally agree, the will to win is the main thing.

Dapp Radar said: “Tron DeFi decentralized applications are seeing an increase in unique active portfolios across the board. In the past thirty days, Tron's top five DeFi Dapps experienced increases in UAW of more than 100%. ”

The top 5 named by Dapp Radar are: JustLend, Golden Eggs, ISwap, GaussFans, and Unifi Protocol.

TRON's DeFi sector is growing exponentially. For every minute, a DeFi solution emerges. With DeFi on TRON, there has been a huge shift in people's perception of finance and investing. New opportunities for passive income and diversification are emerging. As more people begin to understand DeFi, it only gets bigger.

JustLend is huge on the Tron blockchain. Users have the opportunity to borrow and lend Tron-based assets to earn more interest. Just Lend has attracted 142% more exclusive wallets. Likewise, they have processed 150% more transactions during the month of July, totaling 185,370. JustLend is consolidating its position as a DeFi solution. Competitors are also pushing hard to reach their volume.

Golden Eggs is the easiest DeFi solution for new users to start their blockchain-based investment journey. The interface is easy to use. Golden Eggs attracted 158% more unique active wallets to its services. It is not as big as JustLend, but it is on its way to offering the best DeFi services.

ISwap allows users to trade, bet, and group tokens into pools of liquidity.

Gaussians, the DeFi platform was designed as a tribute to Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician and physicist who made major innovations in mathematics and science. Gaussians In July it boosted its audience by 1729%.

Unifi Protocol attracted 3,740 unique active wallets, representing a 140% increase. TRON is moving in the right direction with DeFi.


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