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MicroStrategy has plans to buy more Bitcoin (BTC)



Yesterday, MicroStrategy published its financial results for the second quarter of 2021.

Shortly before the presentation conference, the CEO Michael Saylor He said the company intends to add even more bitcoins to its corporate balance sheet, even though it already owns around 105,000.

He said:

“We remain satisfied with the results of the implementation of our digital assets strategy. Our latest capital increase allowed us to expand our digital holdings, which now exceed 105,000 bitcoins. We intend to continue to invest additional capital in our digital asset strategy going forward. ”

During the live video call with investors, some lead journalists took a bit of a focus on the company precisely because of its decision to invest so much in BTC, especially in light of the price drop in May and June, but Saylor and CFO Phong Li reacted by stating that this is precisely the macro strategy of the company, which is to acquire and hold BTC, and then help the community explain the proper functioning of Bitcoin to regulators, the public and the media itself.

Saylor also stated that he considered it wise to buy at this time of accumulation, to be "satisfied" with the investment.

On the other hand, so far MicroStrategy in total has invested around 2 billion dollars to buy bitcoin, while the current value of all the BTC in its possession exceeds 4 billion, or with a doubling of the investment by approximately one anus.

In fact, the CEO of the company believes that buying and holding bitcoins in the long term is a less risky investment strategy than many others, also because Bitcoin would be the most “held” financial asset in the history of the world.

According to Saylor, China's exit from this market should also be considered a positive event for Bitcoin, since in this way mining is more decentralized.

He has stated:

"In the long term, the Westernization of Bitcoin is good for Bitcoin, the US dollar and Western technology”.

It should be remembered that MicroStrategy's first BTC purchases were made last year, around this time (August), when the price of bitcoin was below $ 12,000. Given that it is currently hovering around $ 40,000, it's really hard to criticize Saylor and Phong Li's choices for now.


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