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Burger King Brazil has started accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) for charitable purposes



Burger King has started accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) as a means of payment in Brazil for a promotional initiative.

CNN Brazil reports that yesterday Burger King announced that it will accept DOGE as payment for its grilled meat flavored dog biscuit, Dogpper.

The cookie will cost 3 DOGE, equivalent to about 3 Brazilian reais, with the aim of linking the canine product to the cryptocurrency owned by a dog as a brand.

In fact, Burger King's ad campaign says: “What is the best way to pay for a product aimed at dogs? Obviously Dogecoin ”.

To use this payment method, you will still need to access a specific page on the company's official website and follow a few steps, including checking the availability of the service in your region, choosing the number of cookies you want to purchase, and sending DOGE directly. to the restaurant's wallet, which will deliver home-bought cookies.

It is therefore a promotional online sale, with a clear propaganda purpose, while it will not be possible to buy other products or pay in physical restaurants with Dogecoin.

In addition, it seems that the promotion lasts only one week, and that the entire amount raised will be donated to charities and some NGOs for the defense of animals, thanks to an alliance with Petlove.

In fact, Dogpper is a product that will be marketed for a limited time, and for now only in Brazil.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMMfOPgPaec (/ embed)

The fact that profits in Dogecoin are donated to charities means that the company will not use the collected DOGE, but will probably only pass it on to Petlove.

So this is a purely advertising initiative, taking advantage of the popularity of the dog's cryptocurrency to promote a fixed-term business promotion. We will probably have to wait for the results of this initiative to understand whether in the future the restaurant chain will decide, or not, to accept DOGE everywhere and for any type of purchase.


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