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A young Bitcoin miner was electrocuted to death after trying to repair his mining rig



Danai Makmek, a 26-year-old cryptocurrency miner from Thailand, was electrocuted to death by his homemade mining rig, according to informs The Pattaya News.

His shirtless body was discovered by a mechanic who came to Danai's home to stop an electrical leak.

The miner was pronounced dead after emergency medical services tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him.

The fatal incident reportedly occurred when he tried to fix the problem himself so as not to lose the potential benefits of mining.

Although Danai's brother Apiwat Makmek agreed to seek help and warned his brother not to attempt to repair the dangerous rig on his own, the deceased miner sadly ignored this advice:

"I warned him but he couldn't wait. I think he panicked and stayed up all night trying to fix it. "

Apiwat claims that it modified its mining equipment to maximize its hashing power.

An autopsy found that Danai had died of an electric shock. Its mining rig is believed to have exploded.

Police Colonel Santi Shoosheud also said there were no suspected injuries:

"We believe you tried to fix the malfunctioning machine on your own and got electrocuted. We are still investigating the case, but so far no forced entry or suspected injuries have been found ”.


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