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A car runs over several people in Marbella after crashing into a terrace



A car has crashed early in the afternoon this Monday against the terrace of a bar in the Malaga town of Marbella, running over several people and causing, for the moment, 11 injured.

Five people they had to be transferred to the Hospital de la Costa del Sol from the area of ​​the accident. Between them, a woman found in very serious condition, as reported by municipal sources and El Confidencial collects.

The Police report that the event occurred around 3:15 p.m., when a male in his 30s, resident of Marbella and of Spanish nationality has invaded the sidewalk left of Miguel Cano street with his vehicle and has collided with the terrace of a bar, running over pedestrians and customers. Up to the place have been displaced members of the Local and National Police and a number of Firefighters.

There have been moments of panic, as it is a very busy area of ​​the Marbella town. In fact, several neighbors have stated on social networks that an "impressive noise" has been generated at the time of the events.



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