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Only 15.8% of young Spaniards live emancipated, the lowest figure of the century


Youth emancipation in Spain continued to decline in 2020, the year of the pandemic, reaching a new negative record: only 15.8% of young people in our country lived independently. This is revealed by the data from the latest edition of the Youth Emancipation Observatory, prepared by the Youth Council of Spain.

It's about the worst youth emancipation figures since 1999. However, the causes are not only the result of the pandemic. And it is that they are already 14 consecutive years in which youth emancipation adds negative data. In 2007, on the eve of the Great Recession, 26.1% of young people had already become independent. Since that year, fewer and fewer young people have been emancipated, being that of 2020 the worst data. That reflects that The socioeconomic precariousness of Spanish youth has no end and continues to sink, with or without Covid-19.

These bad data on youth emancipation are due, according to the aforementioned report, to the chronification of the precariousness in which Spanish youth is plunged. The unemployment rate at the end of 2020 was 30.2%, the worst figure in Europe for young unemployment. And as if this were not enough, the quality of employment for young people in Spain is very low: 52% of young workers have a temporary contract, and 26.1% have partial contracts.


The consequences of this precariousness are reflected in the salaries of young workers, which are usually below the SMI. A young worker, in Spain, earns 11,643 euros gross per year on average, 970 euros per month. 14 years ago, Spanish youth asked to stop being a mileurista. In 2021, after two great economic crises, the average salary for young people does not reach a thousand euros, being lower than the average salary of a decade ago, despite the recent increases in the SMI.

The low quality of youth employment and low wages mean that young people have to allocate 91% of their salary to renting a home, if they do not want to share a flat, so most of them are forced not to be able to live alone. The option to buy a home is not even an option, since the conditions make it impossible for young people to be eligible.

The youth poverty rate is 31.7%, which makes them the age group with the highest risk of poverty and / or social exclusion, ahead of children and people who are already retired.

From the CJE (Council of Youth of Spain) they demand and demand from all political forces "a great agreement for the youth that serves to respond to the problems of the younger generations and that put into question the country project of Spain. "A labor reform that puts an end to" the temporality and duality of the Spanish labor market, "they add.

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