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Ayuso sweeps in the elections and touches the majority: he only needs the abstention of Vox


Isabel Diaz Ayuso he has succeeded. Convened the elections this May 4 to avoid a possible motion of censure by PSOE and Ciudadanos and this appointment has clearly been reinforced at the polls, as atypical (to be held on a weekday) and massive (there has been a participation of 76.25%, more than twelve points for above that in 2019, and the most repeated note has been the queues to vote). The PP brushes the absolute majority when achieving 65 seats, and would only need to abstain from Vox to rule, who has already said that will facilitate your investiture.

"Freedom has won", celebrated the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, looking out from the balcony of Genoa 13 with Ayuso, very smiling. He has also said that "Madrid has made a motion of political censure to 'sanchismo." For her part, the 'popular' candidate has also assured that "freedom has triumphed again in Madrid", celebrating the good data harvested by his ballot at the polls. "With freedom, harmony, we will govern for the whole world," said Ayuso, who took the opportunity to send a message to Pedro Sánchez: "He has ruled with hypocrisy from Moncloa, and his days are numbered. That's fine. Thank you all. for having gone to vote ".

Ayuso, who had focused his campaign on attacking the central Executive for the management of the Covid-19 pandemic and the differences between the 'sanchismo' and the Community of Madrid, has insisted on his criticism of the Prime Minister, who had overturned and he is the clear loser of these elections. The candidate of the PSOE, Angel Gabilondo, has fallen far short of the results achieved two years ago. Now it has 24 deputies, compared to the 37 achieved in the 2019 elections, which he won. "It does not seem to us that the results are good, it is evident," the socialist has acknowledged once it has been confirmed that they are the third force.

The PP, which alone adds more deputies than the entire bloc on the left (65 versus 58) has remained at the gates of the absolute majority in the Madrid Assembly, set at 69 seats of the total of 136 that make up the regional chamber, so it would only need the abstention of Vox to be able to govern. Ayuso would manage to revalidate the position of president of Madrid if she achieves the support of this formation, and Vox is willing.

"In the next few days we will facilitate the investiture of Mrs. Ayuso", has assured the candidate of the far-right party, Rocío Monasterio, who has congratulated her rival and has boasted that the votes of her party will be "decisive for absolutely everything" during the next two years, because in 2023 the people of Madrid will have to return to the polls. "We have achieved our objective, which was to remove the left, not to enter" in the regional Executive, Monasterio has insisted after achieving 13 deputies, and has said that now Ayuso will have to choose "between Vox or the votes of the PSOE" if he wants to govern. Although they, he insisted, are willing.


On the other hand, the great surprise of these elections has been the success achieved by the candidacy of Más Madrid led by Mónica García. The party is now the second force in the region, having harvested 24 seats this 4M and have given the 'sorpasso' in votes for the PSOE, compared to the 20 deputies she had after the 2019 elections. García thus becomes the leader of the opposition, a position she has taken on with responsibility. "We have done everything that has been in our power, but it has not been enough." However, "we are going to be the political force for change." "I have been and will be to defend the interests of the Madrilenians," Garcia said, pointing out that "from tonight the countdown to the elections begins in two years."

For his part, Pablo Iglesias, who led the United we can, has not achieved the revulsion he was looking for by leaving the vice presidency of the central government to stand up to the right in the community. Although the purple formation has improved its results from two years ago by achieving 10 deputies (Before it had 7), it has not been able to claim as expected. And that has resulted in bombshell news: Iglesias has announced his resignation. He leaves his positions and politics having become "a scapegoat that mobilizes the darkest, the most contrary to democracy." "It is evident that today I am not contributing to adding," he said, and that is why he is leaving. Therefore, he will not be a deputy in the Madrid Assembly.

And the Citizens' fall from grace already predicted by the polls. The orange formation, which was presented with a ballot led by Edmundo Bal, has gone from having 26 seats and being part of the regional Executive to stay out of the Madrid Assembly. "It is a tough night for the political center, for good sense and proposals," said Bal, who has acknowledged that this is "a bad result not for Cs, but for Madrileños and Spaniards."

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