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Cardano has partnered with World Mobile to build a new mobile network in Africa



Cardano, the emerging smart contracts platform, continues to gain traction through large partnerships that will positively impact millions of Africans.

The latest major announcement from Input Output Global (IOG), the software company behind the development of Cardano (ADA), is partnering with World Mobile, the first mobile network built on blockchain, to build a new mobile network in Africa, to depart from Tanzania.

IOG tweeted: “ANNOUNCEMENT: To deposit the unbanked, we must first connect the unconnected. We are partnering with World Mobile to build a new mobile network, starting in Tanzania. ”

The partnership announcement was made during the ongoing Cardano Africa Special. According to IOG, the collaboration aims to connect the continent's disconnected in terms of banking.

For starters, both IOG and World Mobile will channel their efforts into Zanzibar and Tanzania. A unique approach will be used to provide an internet connection for people in the aforementioned region with renewable energy powered by solar energy.

Using the Atala PRISM solution, the association will have a network node built on the Cardano blockchain. Business owners will take advantage of the network and function as local relays to provide an affordable local Internet connection.

To access the internet connection, users can subscribe through Atala PRISM, which in turn will allow them to access basic needs, such as digital banking, health, among others.

In a press release, World Mobile Chain CEO Micky Watkins noted that the partnership will bring great development to the people of the region:

“We all live on a planet, but for many years we have neglected a part of it and even called it the third world. Word Mobile has built a network based on a new relationship between people and connectivity in which ownership, governance and identity work to empower the user and make access available to all in a sustainable way.

The press release revealed that more than 700 million Africans are currently not connected to the internet, preventing them from accessing basic services:

“Through this partnership, Input Output and World Mobile Group go the extra mile to reach these communities, with the vision that everyone, everywhere, is online, with secure, user-controlled IDs that enable users to users have better access to essential services ”.

In reaction to the new development, IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson said:

"Taking a stake in World Mobile Group is yet another demonstration of our long-term commitment to the African continent."

Speaking further, he said:

“We see blockchain as a powerful force for social good. Through our digital identification solution, Atala PRISM, people who were previously unable to verify their identity, which complicates and often prevents access to vital services such as healthcare, will now be able to do so. Atala PRISM will also allow citizens to provide backup copies of important documents such as qualifications or property documents, which can allow returning refugees to reclaim their homes. Ultimately, we want to create a global marketplace where everyone has equal access, regardless of geographic location, culture or background. "


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