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From bitcoin to SPACs: how to invest in volatile assets and not lose out



Diversify portfolio. This is one of the great dogmas that every self-respecting investor knows. But what about Christian Angermayer it's another level: psychedelic drugs, bitcoin, SPAC, Covid, marijuana … in all this is invested, with a portfolio that is more similar to the pocket of Doraemon.

"I simply invest in what interests me and what I am passionate about", Angermayer acknowledged in an interview with Bloomberg from his London office earlier this month.

This medium crowns him, precisely, as "the incarnation of the new era of investment, in which concepts that in the past sounded futuristic are now reality, financing and actions of companies that are exploding". In case this description sounds like a little, Bloomberg adds that it is "the German version of Chamath Palihapitiya, who in turn looks like him Warren buffett of the era Reddit".

"He is probably the best 'networker' I have ever worked with," he acknowledges. Mike Novogratz, a former Goldman Sachs who, right now, is valued at about $ 7 billion. "He has built this great network of contacts who have learned to trust him because he makes them earn money and, as a person to raise capital, he is incredible," he adds.

Your family office, Apeiron Investment Group, has 2,500 million in assets, of which half belong to Angermayer. His fund has posted returns of more than 50% in the last decade, according to a March presentation seen by the outlet.


Among the latest companies that it has helped bring to the stock market are AbCellera Biologics, which collaborates in the development of drugs against Covid-19, and Compass Pathways, a pharmaceutical startup that works on a treatment against depression relying on an ingredient contained in hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Atai Life Sciences, another biotech focused on the use of psychedelic drugs that has been endorsed by Peter Thiel, has recently been valued at 2 billion. In the crypto sector it is invested directly and indirectly through Apeiron in Cryptology Asset Group Y Northern Data. In that of the SPAC, it is behind Frontier Acquisition Corp.

Not everything you touch turns to gold. Sensei Biotherapeutics, for example, it accumulates a 30% drop from its IPO last February. "None", he affirms when asked about what type of coverage he uses in his portfolio imbued by that charisma of the investor "who is able to recognize trends very early and create an entire sector around them", in the words of Thiel.



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