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Amazon, Facebook and Apple: they still have a bullish journey



The selective technology offers a very good technical aspect after managing to surpass the all-time highs. After a slight profit taking it seems that we could see the return of purchases and the surpassing of 14,050 points. This would leave the technological selective in free rise with everything arranged so that we can see an extension of the gains to the level of 14,500 points. The first support level is at 13,300 points. We will not appreciate a complication as long as it remains trading above this price level.

Technical analysis

Amazon has managed to hold in the vicinity of the support of $ 2,871, prices where the average of 200 sessions was. The increases of the first bars of the month of April have brought the company to the vicinity of $ 3,434. We will be very aware of the exceeding of this price level as it would make us think about an extension of the gains to the key level of $ 3,552. Exceeding these prices would put an end to the lateral movement of the last half year and would make us think about an extension of the gains to the level of $ 4,000.

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Unbeatable technical aspect that we can see in the daily series of prices of Facebook after seeing how he managed to start the month of April overcoming the key resistance of $ 304.67. These prices corresponded to the all-time highs, so the Nasdaq company is currently moving in a free rise without any resistance in its way. In the short term, the company could be shaping a throw back at these prices, so the most normal thing is that we see, at any moment, the entry of purchases that ends up emulating its price up to the level of 350 dollars, levels that we believe it could easily reach in the coming weeks.

Good reaction from Manzana after approaching the average of 200 sessions. The apple company has managed to overcome the resistance of $ 130, which makes us think about an extension of the gains to the level of $ 145.09, all-time highs reached at the beginning of the year. The trend of the company is very good and it will be even more so if in the end it manages to exceed the historical maximums, which would make us think of an extension of the profits to the level of 160 dollars. The good levels of accumulation only reinforce the more than probable attack on the all-time highs that it presents at 145.09 euros.

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