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Technical analysis office: Santander, BBVA, Telefónica, PharmaMar, Daimler, Apple, NIO …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Santander, BBVA, Telefónica, Safran, Apple, PharmaMar, NIO and Daimler.

Technical analysis

Hello, José María. Can you analyze the following values ​​for me? Santander, BBVA and Telefónica in the medium and long term. Best regards. JM.MP.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Santander We analyzed it this Tuesday (you can read it here) and as you can imagine, everything remains the same, nothing has changed. Just look at the long-term weekly chart to understand the message that price is sending us. The one that today can not with the bottom, or primary, downward guideline. Considering the weekly momentum (stochastic) oscillator turned lower and from important overbought levels, everything suggests that the correction may continue in the next sessions / weeks. The most important short-term support at this time is in the area of ​​2.37 euros: the minimum of last January. And above the bearish guideline, now at three euros, as well as the last decreasing maximum at 3.06 euros.

Banco Santander weekly chart

Regarding BBVA three quarters of the same. It is true that it presents greater strength than the Cantabrian entity, but with everything and with that the last rebound has once again remained below the previous rebound. So the decreasing highs happen over and over again. Not to mention that the long-term bearish guideline is currently in the six-euro area. Below, on the support side, we have the February lows (3.74) and above all the imposing weekly bullish gap of 3.18 euros.

Finally, in Telephone, as usual. We have been with the same speech for many months, but it is that there are no changes. Specific bounces aside, it is still a bearish value in the medium and long term. Just look at the chart and notice the impeccable succession of decreasing highs and lows. The weekly bearish gap for March is 25% above current levels and the bearish guideline is almost 50%. With these data everything is said. All the best.

Good morning, I would like you to analyze the French Safran. I do not know if he sees that he can have more upward travel or he may correct. Thank you. JC.T.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Safran It is still bullish from the March 2020 lows and as long as you keep building rising lows and highs there is nothing to worry about. Furthermore, the most important support at this time cannot be anywhere other than the last rising low (102.50) and therefore it is only possible to continue maintaining bullish positions. Above the resistance of 127-128 euros, a return to the all-time highs, at 152.30 euros, can be considered as the most likely scenario. In short, it is a keep. Thanks to you, greetings.

Hello, José María. My question is about Apple, I would like to enter now but first I would like to know your opinion. Greetings. R.M.

Dear reader, good afternoon. ManzanaAs I have commented on other occasions, it is a very bullish value in terms of the medium and long term. Another thing is that at the present time we have him deploying a lateral movement, consolidating levels. The problem is that entering now is arriving a little late to the market. Obviously it is impossible to buy at a minimum, and when it happens it is a product of chance, do not hesitate, but the last signal to buy was when the price jumped above the symmetrical triangle of weeks ago. In short, I like Apple (as I like, among others, LVMH and ASML, in long-term terms) but at the moment we have it in a nobody's zone, halfway between the support of 116 euros and the resistance of the 145 euros. All the best.

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. What can you tell us about PharmaMar in the short / medium term? Thanks and regards. M.C.

Dear investor, good afternoon. From PharmaMar We keep repeating the same scenario for weeks. Since mid-February, the price, with its rebounds against trend, continues to lose positions significantly. And it is already very close to the 'support' that the bullish gap at the end of January gives it at 87.74 euros. From the imposing bullish gap at the end of January, in the vicinity of 88 euros in round numbers. For this reason we insist over and over again that the return-risk equation is optimal at the current moment, and the closer to the bullish gap the better (87.74), with a 'stop loss' in the gap itself. A priori it would not make much sense for the gap to close. Or in other words, if you have to jump into the pool, the ideal is to do it now, although if it can be in the area of ​​88 euros better than better. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, José María. After the vertiginous rise of 2020 and the subsequent decline, what is your opinion of the graph that the price of the company NIO leaves after the last and important falls? Thanks from Barcelona. JL.F.

Dear reader, good afternoon. To be honest, I like how Tesla is doing in recent months more than NIO. The two left a book ‘hammer’ in the March 5 session. And although neither of them has pierced that minimum, by definition support. Tesla trades much higher than NIO does. In fact, I still think that longs (bullish positions) in NIO can be opened as long as the support of $ 31.90 (the March lows) is respected at all times. Closing below would be a more than worrying sign of weakness in value. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, Mr. José María. Please, I would like you to analyze Daimler, from the German Dax. Thank you very much in advance for your help. A.RF.

Dear investor, good afternoon. As soon as you see the daily chart of Daimler you will understand perfectly. It is a clear to maintain as it cannot be otherwise. The value is supported by an impeccable acceleration line, with three points of tangency, which at this moment passes through the area of ​​approx. 70-71 euros. In other words, as long as the security continues to trade above said line, we will not have the slightest sign of weakness within the current price structure. Many thanks to you, greetings.

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