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The centrist Laschet will be the candidate for the German Chancellery of Merkel's party


The centrist Armin laschet will be the conservative bloc candidate, Merkel's CDU, to the German Chancellery in the general elections next month September, after right-winger Markus Söder with whom he was competing for leadership, left the race on Tuesday.

Söder, president of the Social Christian Union (CSU) and head of government of Bavaria, acknowledged in an appearance that Laschet, president of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and head of government of North Rhine-Westphalia, has the majority support of the leadership of the parent party, according to Efe.

During the last morning, Merkel's party in secret ballot he gave Laschet 31 votes, while 9 were in favor of Söder and 6 abstained. The Bavarian leader had promised to abide by the CDU's decision, provided it was with a "clear result".

As indicated The newspaper, Laschet called the CDU meeting, the party he has led since January, looking for a solution to the pulse between the two. Both had formalized on Sunday of last week their aspiration to be the joint candidate for the generals of September 26, the first since 2005 in which Merkel will not lead the bloc conservative.


In favor of Söder, who represents the conservative wing, several "Länder" from the east had spoken, where the extreme right is especially strong and counted on the youth support of the party, the Junge Union.

Likewise, Söder was ahead of Laschet in popularity, which is attributed to his rigorous management of the fight against the pandemic in Bavaria, according to the chancellor's line. Politically, Laschet is a better fit for centrist profile and consensus articulator of the chancellor.

Thus, Laschet's final victory gives end to a 'fratricidal' confrontationaccording to the influential German newspaper 'Der Spiegel', among the two leaders of the 'Länder' with the most weight in Germany's GDP.

Söder's withdrawal was the only reasonable way out of the crisis generated by the fight between the two leaders, according to El País. Laschet, who was elected president of the CDU in January, would remain completely unauthorized if the Bavarian headed the list of conservatives. Instead, Söder can return to Bavaria and continue to manage his Land without taking too much damage.


A little over five months before the elections, the conservatives had no candidate or program, when the rest of the political forces have presented their own and at least the guidelines or a draft of their proposals.

The two major parties, the Union and the SPD, are losing support, while the Greens are on the rise. This Monday they have chosen as Chancellery candidate Annalena Baerbock, who will be the only woman who aspires to succeed Merkel.

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