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Good technical prospects for insurers AXA, Allianz and Mapfre


Without a doubt, these are three values ​​on which we could focus our attention in the coming days.

Technical analysis

AXA offers a very good technical aspect from the lows of November last year. Then the company began an upward development that has led it to revalue 80%. The insurer managed to rise above the average of 200 sessions and after a throw back to this average, it pulverized the resistance of 20.58 euros. In recent weeks the company has shown tremendous strength. The overcoming, a few days ago, of the resistance of 23 euros is one more proof of the current strength of purchases and of the high probabilities so that we can end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 25.55 euros, 2020 highs. The magnificent levels of accumulation that we can see in its price series only support the current impeccable uptrend. The first level of support is at 22.17 euros. We will not see even the slightest sign of weakness as long as it remains trading above this price level.

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Mapfre you are building a trend reversal figure. The Spanish company ended the year above the average of 200 sessions and after a couple of months of consolidation of levels it gave a sign of strength as it managed to overcome the key resistance of 1,726 euros. The consolidation that we have been observing in the company in recent weeks makes us think of a return in purchases in the next few days. The key resistance is at 1,837 euros. We will be very aware of a close above this price level since we could end up seeing an extension of the gains to the level of 2 euros.

Allianz it offers a technical aspect very similar to that of AXA and Mapfre. The German insurer ends the year recovering the average of 200 sessions and after a few months of consolidation of levels above this average, the value managed to define itself upwards by exceeding the level of 208.35 euros and far from giving any sign of weakness we are seeing how a few days ago he managed to overcome the resistance of 217.90 euros. For the next few days it is likely that we will see an attack on the all-time highs drawn at the beginning of last year at $ 232.55. If it managed to overcome these levels, it would go into a free rise, which could lead to an extension of the gains up to the level of 250 euros.


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