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Technical analysis office: Cellnex, Sacyr, Endesa, Disney, Adidas, Nike, BMW …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes BMW, Daimler, Cellnex, Adidas, Nike, Disney, Sacyr and Endesa.

Technical analysis

Good morning and congratulations on the section. I carry BMW and Daimler shares at 65 and 41 euros, respectively. What route do you think they have left? Thank you very much and greetings. J.TC.

Dear investor, good afternoon. BMW and Daimler we analyzed them last weekend (you can read it here). I like both values. Although I like BMW and Volkswagen much more. The graph of BMW is clear. We have a bearish guideline from the manual that is part of the story and a large inverted 'head and shoulders' that has been confirmed above the resistance of 77 euros, now support. If by chance the price corrected towards the "clavicular" of the training we would, a priori, be faced with a clear opportunity to get on the shopping train again. The theoretical minimum target of the return figure clearly points above the all-time highs, at 123.75 euros. A very interesting value to buy in corrections.

BMW weekly chart

As to Daimler there we have him, attacking the important resistance it presents in the highs of 2018. Although what is really important is in the flawlessness of the bullish guideline on which the price has been supporting since the lows of March 2020. We have a manual bullish guideline , of the book, which joins all the increasing lows in the last year. Today the two stocks are a clear hold in the portfolio, knowing that they could correct part of the latest excesses and take a short, well-deserved break. Thanks to you, greetings.

Daimler weekly chart

Dear José María. I would like you to address the value of Cellnex. In a short period of time it has lost more than 30% of its value. I've heard it get a BBB rating after the recent 7 billion capital increase. What is your assessment of this company? Thanks. D.R.

Dear reader, good afternoon. During the last sessions we are witnessing strong ups and downs in the stocks of Cellnex. Movements that are being more exaggerated than usual and the reason is none other than the capital increase operation in progress, with rights triggered in recent days. That said, a most interesting support area is observed in the range of 40.60-40.90 euros. There has been a lot of support at this price level, which in turn coincides with an adjustment / retracement of between 50% and 61.8% of the last bullish impulse. Above, on the resistance side, we have 46 euros as the first control zone. Thus, to the extent that the security respects the aforementioned support area, we understand that the conditions exist for the price to try to restructure upward with the mission of leaving behind the corrective phase of recent months and set, again, towards maximums. All the best.

Cellnex daily chart

Good Morning. I would like to get into Adidas and Nike. At what prices would it be interesting to enter? Thanks greetings. A.MM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Adidas It is one of the most bullish Dax values ​​by far. It is a clear keep, but open now long I do not see it. The price is showing a wide side in recent weeks that fits perfectly within what would be a consolidation of levels / proportional adjustment of the previous rises. If I had to enter alone, I would consider, either in the support of 165 euros (something that today does not make sense to consider), or when it exceeds (if it does) the all-time highs (317.50). Above it would be placed in an absolute free rise and we already know that there is no greater sign of strength than this.

Adidas weekly chart

As to Nike three quarters of the same. Both are very bullish values ​​in terms of medium and long term. In this case we have him consolidating levels within a lateral movement that has lasted since December. Then if I had to try it would be at the closest possible price levels to the base of the channel, now around $ 127. Although it also has support at $ 125 (March lows) and especially the upward gap in mid-September at 116.87 euros. Needless to say, I would feel much more comfortable entering near the aforementioned bull gap. All the best.

Nike Daily Chart

Good Morning. I would like to get into Disney, but it seems that it does not correct too much. Do you consider it appropriate to enter this company? And if so, at what prices? Supports and resistors, please. Thanks greetings. TO.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Walt disney it doesn't correct too much because Wall Street is at all-time highs, it's that simple. And therefore the normal thing is that almost all the values ​​are in maximum or near the same, with their exceptions. Moreover, in the short term it seems to be shaping a symmetric triangle (increasing minimums and decreasing maximums) of continuity, in theory to continue rising. And all this within an impeccable bullish channel in which it has been immersed for just over a year. The upper part of the channel, by definition resistance, currently passes through the area of ​​approx. 180 dollars. And the base, by definition support, for approx. 132 dollars. Thanks to you, greetings.

Walt Disney Daily Chart

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you for your time. I would like to know how you see Sacyr and Endesa. Thank you very much for your time. LA.HR.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Sacyr it's a clear keep at the moment. The latest falls mean nothing. If anything, we would speak of a 'throw back' to the old resistance zone (now support) of 2-2.05 euros. The important thing is that the price series continues to build rising lows and highs since March last year. And the normal thing is that it tries to return to the origin of the movement in the 2.70 euros.

Sacyr weekly chart

Endesa it is one of those clearly bullish stocks in long-term terms, despite the erratic corrective movement in recent months. This side fits perfectly within what would be a proportional adjustment of the previous climbs. In the very short term, it has slowed down in the resistance zone of 23 euros and above it it would no longer have anything until the all-time highs of 24.60 euros. Many thanks to you, greetings.

Endesa daily chart

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