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ABinvesting is a regulated broker, offering CFD trading options on various assets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, along with customizable conditions for trading on various markets.

The firm, with the consent of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) Authority, provides novice traders with the equivalent of ABC when it comes to trading, teaching them all there is to know about the markets and how to put these things together to form a tactical trading strategy that generates profits over time.

ABInvesting is a trademark of Hub Investments Limited, a firm operating under the laws of Mauritius and keeping the reliability and safety of its clients as a priority and offering first-class business services, education and tools at affordable prices.

The broker also has an efficient team of experienced and expert investors, who use analytical concepts and financial trading resources to maximize clients’ profits.

Tradable assets

In ABinvesting there are more than 350 commercial assets, which allows diversifying the portfolio of operations in a very broad way.

These include 45 currency pairs for forex, including the three types: Major, Minor, and Exotic; dozens of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA, EOS, among others, with very tight spreads and no deposit fees; shares of more than 150 leading companies. This includes Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Zoom, and many others; dozens of CFDs on global indices; and the two types of basic products: soft raw materials (corn, wheat, soybeans and pork, among many others) and hard products (gold, rubber and crude oil, among others).

Trading platforms

ABinvesting offers three trading platforms: MetaTrader4, WebTrader and the mobile application, in which your traders can get around very easily and help you get to the market quickly.

These platforms provide nearly 60 analytical tools, one-click trading options, nine time frames, trading anywhere, and flexibility to check the market.

You can find interactive charts, real-time balance check, multilingual support, and other features to publicize.

Its easy-to-use, automated user interface enables you to track various market trends, prices, and assets. Eventually it helps to make a potential decision.

The Meta Trader 4 (MT4) is an advanced and globally used trading platform, with advanced analysis tools, mobile application and a wide range of assets and charts.

In addition, it has features such as trading signals and analytical tools, instant order execution, and trading speed analysis.

With the ABinvesting mobile app traders can wander from one corner to another and bid on their favorite asset.

The app has features such as one-touch trading option available, a customizable trading environment, it is compatible with Android and iOS, it has more than sixty analytical tools for trading and real-time balance verification.

Commissions and spreads at ABinvesting

Trading with ABInvesting is commission-free, while spreads and swaps vary depending on the type of account and the instrument being traded.

The broker does not charge any commission for executing buy and sell orders. Instead, it is offset through the spread, but this depends on each market in which it is traded.

Spreads vary depending on the type of account and the market traded. Typically, the spreads for EURUSD on each account vary:

  • Silver – from 2.2 pips
  • Gold – from 1.3 pips
  • Platinum – from 0.7 pips

Overnight financing or ‘swap’ fees are charged on positions that remain open overnight (22:00) GMT.

If positions are held over the weekend, a three-day exchange fee will be charged on Wednesdays.

Clients with an Islamic account will not receive or pay interest on any positions held overnight.

In the event that no business activity takes place for at least 60 days, inactivity charges will be applied to the account.

Deposits and withdrawals

ABInvesting allows you to deposit and withdraw free of charge using cryptocurrencies, debit / credit card, electronic wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

With a minimum deposit of $ 250, there are no fees to deposit funds.

While funds can be withdrawn by clicking “Withdraw” and it is free, with processing times ranging from 1 to 3 days.

Account types

ABinvesting offers different types of trading accounts.

The first of these is the Silver account, a perfect solution for those who want to trade Forex and at the same time gain some experience in the market.

The leverage available to Silver account holders varies between business assets.

In Forex, you will have access to 1: 200 leverage, indices, commodities and metals traders have access to 1:50 leverage, while stocks can be traded with 1:20 leverage. For cryptocurrency traders, they can use a maximum leverage of 1: 2.

For advanced traders, the broker offers a Gold account. This is an incredible offer for those looking for additional services.

Leverage is also higher for Gold account holders, for Forex trading it is 1: 400, for metals, indices and commodities, the maximum leverage is 1: 100. While the shares can be traded with a leverage of up to 1:40.

There is a special account for the more experienced traders. With a maximum leverage of 1: 500, the Platinum account will allow you to use your funds to the fullest while enjoying the tightest spreads.

Furthermore, ABinvesting also offers a demo trading account, which is one of the best ways to start trading.

With the demo account you will receive a certain amount of virtual cash, which can be used for trading.

ABInvesting also offers Islamic accounts for those who follow the beliefs of the Quran. According to the Islamic faith, it is forbidden to pay or receive any kind of interest rate.

Customer Support

ABInvesting offers a wide variety of customer support options, through access to a multilingual customer service team available 10 hours a day, 5 days a week via email, phone, and live chat.

Common questions about the account, trading, or verification process are also pre-set and have detailed answers within the live chat feature.

Other features

ABinvesting allows you to receive price alerts regularly, via email; keeps accounts segregated; and it is ideal for scalping, day trading, weekly trading; and swing trading.

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ABinvesting, Security, more than 350 assets and a wide range of tools: that and more ABinvesting offers
ABinvesting, Security, more than 350 assets and a wide range of tools: that and more ABinvesting offers
ABinvesting, Security, more than 350 assets and a wide range of tools: that and more ABinvesting offers

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