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And Solaria, at the apex of the triangle: fasten your seatbelts



Symmetrical triangles often occur in the midst of trends, both bullish and bearish. And the outcome of it is usually in favor of the previous trend. This is a period of market consolidation, prior to a sudden movement. Generally it acts as a continuation pattern of the previous trend in which the price draws us decreasing highs and increasing lows, although it is true that in the end the price may end up breaking on either side of it. That is, it is best to wait for the price to tell us where it wants to break and act accordingly. What is certain is that the exit from it is usually very violent and should not take long to occur, since this type of formation tends to break once the price has traveled 3/4 of the triangle.

Which means that, in theory, the conditions are in place to bet on an almost imminent price jump. That said, we have as the first resistance zone the level of 20 euros and as support the minimums of March (16.24) and the main bullish guideline.

Solaria daily chart

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