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Dominik Schiener: "Coordicide will fully decentralize IOTA"


Dominik Schiener, co-founder of the leading open source distributed ledger platform, IOTA, has recently reiterated that the launch of Coordicide is important for the future of the IOTA ecosystem.

In a AMA Conducted recently, Dominik Schiener noted that Coordicide will launch the IOTA network into the era of full decentralization, stating that the team has been excellent in its quest to bring out the best in the community.

Dominik Schiener noted:

“Coordicide will fully decentralize IOTA. On the theoretical side, we are doing very well to deliver on our promise, which is a fully decentralized IOTA. I think the biggest risk is implementation. "

From now on, IOTA waiting launch Coordicide in Q4 2021, but the hope for such a time frame depends on the result of the incentivized testnet:

“A lot of that will depend on how well the incentivized testnet is doing, which is why we always say that the incentivized testnet is the most important part of Coordicide. That's where research is combined with implementation to test in an open environment. "

Regarding data fragmentation, Dominik Schiener said:

“I think when it comes to fragmentation, if I were to sum it up, I think the biggest risk will be creating a solution that kills IOTA adoption. Similar to how they said the biggest risk for Ethereum is Ethereum 2.0 ”.

In conclusion, the IOTA co-founder noted:

“With that in mind, the team has received feedback from its corporate partners to create a solution that the market wants. In large part, Chrysalis will be the culmination of that feedback. "

The biggest update in the history of IOTA “Chrysalis” will be implemented in 2 weeks

The IOTA Foundation ad the date chosen for the implementation of Chrysalis on the IOTA network, an update described as the largest in IOTA history. The implementation of Chrysalis is expected to launch IOTA into a new era of rapidly growing ecosystem.

According to the IOTA Foundation in a tweet On April 8, 2021, the Chrysalis update not only improves the performance, stability, resilience and security of the IOTA network by several orders of magnitude, but has also improved the developer experience.

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