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Week of highs and all-time highs on Wall Street: the S&P 500 conquers 4,100


Wall street It has closed a new week of historical highs and highs. Both the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 remain at record levels and the latter is above 4,100 points and accumulates an annual increase of the 9% in so far this year.

For his part, Nasdaq has trimmed its disadvantage in recent sessions, indicating that investors are buying technology back following the large asset turnover towards cyclical stocks that occurred in the first quarter.

The selective technology rises 7.2% this year and is less than 2% from its historical maximums, located close to 14,200 points. Overcome this resistance I would return to 'free upload', the best situation for any underlying.

In the business field, it stands out Boeing. Its shares are leading the Dow Jones declines after the company warned of a problem in the electrical system of its 737 Max jets. He has asked not to operate these aircraft until it is resolved.

Investor optimism is based on statements such as those of Jamie Dimon, the chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, who this week anticipated a "economic boom until the end of 2023", due to a "goldilocks moment "favored by rapid and sustained growth, inflation rising gently (but not too much) and interest rates rising (but not too much). "

However, the very positive sentiment caused by these statements by one of the most important bankers in the US makes some analysts fear that exchanges can correct at any time to purge the last accumulated rises.

One of the factors that anticipate a possible collection of benefits is the decreasing volume that the market has recorded in recent days.

At the monetary level, Jerome Powell, Fed Chairman stated yesterday, in a virtual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, that maintain a highly accommodative monetary policy and considered that the rebound in prices is temporary and that the rise in cases due to Covid-19 could slow down the recovery. "

"Powell reiterated that will maintain an accommodative monetary policy and this is what is really important for the market. It states that prices will probably increase this year, partly due to higher spending, but it will only be temporary, "they point out from Bankinter.

In other markets, oil West texas falls 0.4% to $ 59.38, while the euro it depreciates 0.22% and changes to $ 1.1887. In addition, the profitability of the 10-year American bond rises slightly to 1.66% and the ounce of gold down 0.7% to $ 1,745.

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