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Bitcoin warms up to hit the highs at any time


From the beginning of February until today, bitcoin is moving laterally, within a price range between $ 44,000 below (support) and $ 60,000 above (resistance).

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Of the bitcoin There's not much to say that we haven't counted over and over again in the last few weeks. As everyone knows, it is an absolute free rise value that has been consolidating, displaying a lateral movement, since the beginning of February. Side used for Drain / adjust proportionally significant previous rises. That is to say, this movement serves to somehow relax the important short-term overbought levels and warm up engines for what may be the next big bullish stretch. Movement that would be confirmed above the historical highs: the 61,255 dollars of the future, which correspond to approx. $ 61,800 cash. Above we will have a new upward momentum that can take you wherever you want. Yes, as you read it, as far as you want. There are no resistors of any kind except the round figures that can sometimes work, occasionally, as a resistor. The 70,000-80,000 … 100,000 dollars.

Weekly historical chart of the future of bitcoin

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