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Without the support of Junts, the Parliament refuses to invest Aragonès in the first round



The Parliament has rejected this Friday to invest the ERC candidate, Pere Aragonès, as president of the Generalitat in the first round, having only the support of the deputies of his group and those of the CUP, so must be submitted to a second vote, in which his election is not yet guaranteed due to the lack of agreement with Junts. The afternoon moment was starred by the Vox deputy, Ignacio Garriga, when numerous deputies leave the Parliament of Catalonia when taking the floor.

In the vote in this first round of the investiture, after 11 hours of plenary session, Aragonès has obtained 42 votes in favor of ERC and the CUP, 32 abstentions from Junts, and 61 votes against of the PSC-Units, Vox, the commons, Cs and the PP, so it has remained 26 votes of the absolute majority necessary to be invested in the first vote.

In the second round, which will be held on Tuesday 30, the candidate for the Presidency will be enough with a simple majority – to obtain more votes in favor than against – to be elected president, so that it will depend on whether the Junts maintains the abstention or changes its vote: in the first scenario he would not be president either and in the second he would succeed.

According to the regulations of the Parliament and the Presidency Law, the second vote must take place two days after the first, and historically calendar days were counted, so that it would be celebrated on Sunday, however, on this occasion the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has decided let it be Tuesday by criteria of "austerity and conciliation", counting only business days.

The investiture of Aragonès is more in the air than ever after listening to the intervention of the president of the Junts in Parliament, Albert Batet, in the first session of the full investiture, in which he has recommended that he give up running for that second ballot to give the negotiating teams more time to reach an agreement that satisfies their demands, according to 'Europa Press'.

Aragonès has rejected this possibility, since it considers that In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the Generalitat cannot afford to continue in office any longer -This Sunday marks six months of interim status of the Executive since the disqualification of Quim Torra-, and because he defends that there are no "insurmountable differences" with Junts to unravel the pact.

"I am ready today when this plenary session ends to meet to work, to do it throughout this weekend and to reach an agreement before the next vote", has been offered, and has given as an example the investiture of Carles Puigdemont in 2016 after the passage to the side of Artur Mas, which was resolved in a few hours when, according to him, there were more differences than now.


During his speech, Batet reproached Aragonès for speaking of holding a new referendum on self-determination without mentioning 1-O and has vindicated the work of the Consell per la República (CxRep) presided over by former president Carles Puigdemont and with whom Republicans do not feel comfortable, since they consider that he acts in a partisan manner.

Despite Aragonès' offer, Batet has insisted on the need to reach a good agreement to achieve a true government "of coalition and not of collision", so we will have to wait for the next plenary session to see if Junts fulfills their threat of maintain their abstention in the second round and Aragonès loses their first chance to be president or if, this weekend, they get approach positions and reach an investiture agreement.

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