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The new CaixaBank will make a "great staff adjustment" after Easter



"We have two main challenges ahead of us in 2021. Organizational restructuring, which will have important implications on the resizing of the group; and prepare the technological integration of both platforms ".

Are the words of Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of the new CaixaBank, after the integration of Bankia. His comments open the door to a major downsizing in the coming months. Analysts encrypt this cut in the group's output of between 7,000 and 8,000 employees, mostly focused on over 50 years.

The new super bank will have about 51,600 employees, almost 35,600 workers from CaixaBank and about 16,000 from Bankia. However, CaixaBank's Spanish workforce has some 27,500 employees, so that the total figure is reduced to about 43,500 workers.

"We hope to start talks with the unions after Easter, but we will discuss it first with the union representatives. But it will be known in the coming weeks. We would like to close the talks at the end of the second quarter. and close this chapter as soon as possible, although we understand that it is complex, because people prevail ".

Gortázar, who did not want to give more details before confirming them to the accused, added that "the criteria to be followed will be that It is not traumatic and that voluntariness prevails; plus we will seek the maximum meritocracy to retain the best".

What already published Bolsamanía in the month of SeptemberFollowing the announcement of the corporate operation, the integration of both entities will entail a harsh adjustment of the workforce and of the branch network of both entities.

Gortázar has indicated that "the restructuring will not be done in two phases, but will be done in a single process, because it is the best way to leave it behind faster. "In addition, he has clarified that it will not focus on those over 54, but on" voluntariness and meritocracy. "

On the closure of offices, according to the analysts of the British bank Barclays, the entity will close 23% of its network, which currently has about 6,100 offices in Spain, (3,800 from CaixaBank and 2,270 from Bankia). Its valuation implies the closure of some 1,411 branches.

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