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Trading in the different financial markets in an easy way is now possible thanks to the ABInvesting platform!



As we have always stressed in Crypto report, choosing a good broker before starting to invest money in the world of financial markets is essential. Transparency and security within the platforms we choose must be up to par, otherwise it would be a very high risk for our capital and for our privacy or security in general.

Today, we bring you a company that despite having been in the market for a short time, has been positioning itself as one of the best options when choosing a broker, with the necessary licenses and regulations, as well as an important platform that protects the investment of its users. This new platform is called ABInvesting.

ABInvesting is a Forex, cryptocurrency and CFD broker that operates from the Republic of Mauritius and is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission with license number GB20025728, the latter is an important regulator of the non-banking financial services sector. , which promotes transparency and good practices of regulated companies. On the other hand, regarding the security of the platform, the operations carried out are encrypted to protect the personal data of the users and their money, allowing to operate without problems 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The company behind this broker is called Hub Investments LTD, it is characterized by offering a wide range of services to users, allowing to operate in hundreds of assets in different financial markets.

What does ABInvesting offer us?

ABInvesting keeps long and short term goal, liquidity preference, equity, income, risk tolerance and other very important factors in mind for traders who want to invest. In addition, the company articulates approaches and strategies that are measurable, executable and useful for the growth of a merchant.

Among the markets and tradable assets available within the platform we have:

  1. Metal trade.
  2. Commercial activities.
  3. Commodity trade
  4. Trade in complex products.
  5. currency trading

On the other hand, the company offers world-renowned trading platforms that are currently widely used in the world of trading, such as:

  • Web trader: It is a popular platform that provides 24 hours of access to the global financial market. In it you can find charts, live analysis, asset trading information, trend monitoring, free demo accounts.
  • Meta Trader 4: It is also known as MT4, this is an advanced trading platform and widely used globally. It is popular with users due to its analysis tools, mobile application, and a wide range of charts. It doesn't matter if the user is a seasoned trader or a newbie, MT4 has proven its worth and straightforward usability over the years.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Among the methods of deposits and withdrawal of funds we have several options. The platform executes deposits immediately while withdrawals can take up to 3 business days. The platforms and payment gateways offered by ABInvesting are the following:

  1. VISA, Maestro and MasterCard
  3. Skrill
  4. Neteller

How to get started in ABInvesting?

Opening an account within the ABInvesting broker is not complicated if you are already familiar with online registrations, they are basic steps that most platforms will ask us to perform.

  1. Visit the website from the platform and click open account.
  2. Fill in the form providing Names, Surname, Country, contact number and email address.
  3. Upload the required documents, it can be proof of identity, proof of domicile address or a financial statement.

After the platform has verified your documents, you will be ready to invest.


As we have already mentioned before, having a good investment platform within the financial markets is extremely important for each of us, the ABInvesting company has shown that it wants to do things well and that is why day after day it works to improve each one of their services and offer one of the best investment platforms today.

With this broker you will obtain a wide range of trading instruments to diversify your trading portfolio, allowing you to diversify and help mitigate risk, which in turn will also considerably increase the size of possible profits.

If you found this new broker that we have brought you interesting today, you can start operating by registering on their website through the following link. And if it is still not entirely clear to you what this platform offers, you can take a look below at the video that we have prepared where we talk about the characteristics and benefits of this broker.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSE2PKGNnp8 (/ embed)


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