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Ayuso calls elections on May 4 for Madrilenians to "choose between socialism and freedom"



The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has appeared after call early elections in the region and has done so to explain that he has decided to call the polls next May 4th so that Madrilenians continue to be masters of their destiny and can "choose between socialism and freedom."

In an institutional statement without questions from the Puerta del Sol, seat of the regional government, the 'popular' leader explained that she has decided to resign, dissolve the Madrid Assembly and call early elections when she is "forced for the good of Madrid and of Spain, and against my will to exhaust the legislature ".

It has done so, it has had an impact, given the "instability caused by Cs and by the left in Murcia, in reference to the motion of censure that the oranges and the PSOE have presented against the president of the region, Fernando López Miras. What happened in Murcia "has led us to this situation" just when Madrid is at the "most complicated moment" in its history, Ayuso remarked.

The Madrid president has decided to "think big, forget about ourselves and decide what is best for citizens", because now it is necessary to have "clear ideas" and that there be a "stable government", something that "in the current circumstances cannot be assured. " And hence his decision to call early elections.

"After what has been seen and read, if I do not make this decision, Cs and PSOE would have presented a motion and caused the disaster in Madrid," Ayuso said. "If I do not dissolve the Chamber, the motions would have prevented the convening of elections," he said in reference to the movement they have made More Madrid, the socialists and Podemos this Wednesday when presenting motions of censure in the Madrid Assembly to try to prevent the appointment at the polls.

Ayuso pointed out that, with things being the way they are due to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, "I cannot let Madrid stop now, raise taxes, go indoctrinate in schools, destroy the business fabric" , something that according to her would happen if the left seizes power in the community through a motion.

"The damage that is caused in Spain I do not want here too. I cannot allow Madrid to lose its freedom," the 'popular' continued, explaining that "with their vote on Tuesday, May 4, the people of Madrid will decide." "I put my position at your disposal", because "I have never been more proud of anything in my entire life." "Every day I fall more in love with what we are building" here, he remarked, because "the way of living in Madrid is unique."

After these words, Ayuso has said that Madrid is in a "great moment" despite the difficulties of the coronavirus, "of takeoff, of hope, of the future", and that is why he wants to "put their future in the hands of the people of Madrid." "We are in a country of free citizens. Let the will of the people of Madrid guide their destiny. Now they must choose between socialism and freedom," he concluded.



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