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Going for the third wave of bitcoin? This is what should happen, according to the experts



There is debate. The bitcoin it is pounding on the door of the international monetary system and, even though it is still far from becoming "real money," it still has rope for a while. After its first two ‘waves’, the first with the backing of Paypal and the second with that of Tesla Y Mastercard, among others, experts point out what may be the beginning of the third.

They have the key Amazon, Manzana, Netflix… For bitcoin to be imposed as a means of payment, it must first receive the acceptance of large corporations. Some like Tesla, Mastercard Y Paypal they have already succumbed to the popular crypto. Buy on Amazon, buy a iPhone or getting a subscription to the streaming platform can be the last great springboard that this currency needs.

“I see it as a logical move, after the success of other large corporations such as Microstrategy, Square and the news that has impacted the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, such as the irruption of Tesla, from the hand of its CEO Elon musk, buying with company capital, 1500 million dollars in bitcoin, opening a path unexplored until then ", he explains Fernando Molina, CEO of Territory Blockchain, to this medium.

"The fact that these multinationals are making great profits from their investments in bitcoin is opening the way for other large corporations, such as Amazon and even Apple, are tempted to somehow enter the game, buying bitcoin directly or indirectly activating payment gateways to admit the cryptocurrency in its digital ecosystem or collaborating with external companies ”, he adds.

"The main advantages that companies are obtaining are clear, with the enormous benefits obtained in this initial stage in a clearly bullish market," he underlines below. "Fluctuations in the price of high-risk securities such as bitcoin, should be considered as long-term investments, since it is proven that bitcoin being deflationary, its natural tendency is to increase its value, as more adoption exists in society, "he says.


When asked if it makes sense that Amazon or other large companies accept bitcoin as a bargaining chip, Angel Luis Quesada, CEO of Onyze, a company dedicated to the custodian of this type of assets, believes that it is, and that is that "once it has been accepted as a store of value, it is time to start using it as a means of payment." In this sense, remember that “there are already companies like CriptanPay in Spain, or Paypal, which allow making these purchases with these assets and it is normal that more and more companies with an Internet presence accept it ”.

“The main disadvantage is that, due to the current volatility of the asset, is far from valid as a unit of account and this will make it difficult to convert ”, argues Quesada. "If, for example, Bitcoin rises 10%, what will happen to the price in bitcoin of the products, will it go down?" "On the other hand, it adds the regulatory difficulty, since it will be necessary to see in detail how to report these operations and the benefits or losses of the fluctuation of the currency itself to the tax agency," he concludes.



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