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Biden gets his US $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan approved



Joe biden it already has its own stimulus plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The US Senate approved this Saturday at the last minute, after a marathon session, a program of economic measures against Covid valued at $ 1.9 trillion.

The goal of the new Biden Administration is counteract the devastating economic effects of the pandemic on the largest economy in the world.

The initiative, already approved in the House of Representatives, has passed the process in the Senate with the favorable vote of the 50 Democratic senators and the vote against 49 Republicans, due to the absence of the senator Dan sullivan. Although the 'casting vote' of the Democratic vice president, Kamala harris, had secured the Democratic victory in the vote.

Although to gain support within his own party, Biden has had to give up the $ 15 hourly minimum wage hike, with progressive increases until 2025, which had been included in the original text at the initiative of the senator Bernie sanders.

In the next few days, the House of Representatives, also controlled by a Democratic majority, will debate the text again to give it its final approval. Later, Biden will sign it, with the intention to enter into force before March 14, when the current aid for the unemployed expires.


Among the most important points of the program, the new direct payments of $ 1,400 to taxpayers who have an income of less than $ 75,000 per year per person, or $ 150,000 per couple.

In addition, a rescue of $ 350 billion for state and local governments; $ 20 billion for a national vaccination plan and other 50,000 million for the covid-19 test system; and the extension until August of unemployment benefits, which include a $ 300 weekly bonus.

In other featured games, the education system will receive aid worth 170,000 million dollars; Y airlines will receive $ 14 billion to support the labor expenses of its staff until September 30.

Biden's plan is the third economic aid program approved by Congress to fight Covid, after that of $ 900 billion approved in December and $ 2.2 trillion launched in March 2020. Thus, in total, the American Government, not counting the programs of the Federal Reserve (Fed), has injected 5 trillion dollars to keep the economy afloat.

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