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Technical analysis office: Grifols, Sabadell, ACS, Cellnex, Ence, Faes, Bankia, Sabadell and Apple



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Faes Farma, Bankia, Sabadell, Apple, Cellnex, Grifols, ACS and Ence.

Technical analysis

Dear sir, good morning. How do you see Faes? Is it time to enter? Thanks for your comments. J.P.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Faes It is not a passionate value, really. Let's see what happens with the horizontal support that it has at 3.63-3.65 euros. If it were pierced, rebounds aside, the normal thing is that it ends up looking for the support zone of approximately 3.30-3.32 euros: the minimum of December. Above, on the resistance side, we have the annual maximums (3.98) and above 4.15 euros. That said, it doesn't strike me as an interesting value at the moment. He is not bearish, which is no small thing. But there is no clear uptrend either. Thanks to you, greetings.

Faes Farma daily chart

Good morning, José María. I would be grateful if you would analyze Bankia and Sabadell after the last increases. Where would you place a profit 'stop'? Thank you very much in advance. L.V.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Bankia It is at this time a clear keep, like the entire financial sector in general. No loss of 'momentum' (cruising speed) is observed in the stock, beyond the short-term corrections (reaction phases) that occur after each bullish leg. In the shortest term, it has a support at 1.60 euros and the base of the potential upward channel through which the price has been moving is below and of greater relevance. To this day it is a keep. I would not worry in the least as long as it does not pierce the support it has at the last rising low, and that is currently at 1.32 euros.

Bankia daily chart

As to SabadellLet's see if it is capable once and for all to overcome the resistance it has at 0.42-0.45 euros. Well, more like 0.45 euros. A close above, and if it is weekly better than better, it would activate an interesting signal of strength. Prelude to a movement that will take you quickly towards the weekly bearish gap in March at 0.6665 euros (how is it happening with IAG). And as support, the most important reference is at 0.3250 euros. Thanks to you, greetings.

Sabadell weekly chart

Hi there. I have Apple and Cellnex shares with significant earnings. I don't know whether to sell part of the shares to ensure a profit. Could you tell me which supports and resistances are the most important at the moment in the two companies? If they believe they can continue to do well in the long run, I have no problem maintaining them. I am going long term. Thank you very much for this section. You learn a lot. Greetings from Sigüenza. A.N.

Dear investor, good afternoon. It is difficult to place a 'stop profit' in Manzana taking into account that we are talking about one of the most bullish values ​​on Wall Street for more than a decade. We have to know that the corrections of the last sessions (which are of all technology) do not deteriorate the least bit what is the upward trend of the value, or primary. Another thing is that we do not rule out that the falls have continuity towards the support zone that is around the 111-113 dollars. Which seems to be the base of the side along which it seems to be moving since September, also coinciding with the daily MM200. Let's say that, in theory, the bulk of the current corrective phase has already taken place.

Apple daily chart

As to Cellnex, I would not like last week's lows (41.48) to be pierced. This support corresponds to the base of the bearish channel in recent months, as well as the 61.8% adjustment / retracement of the entire previous large rise. Underneath it would open the possibility that in the end, its rebounds against trend, it would return to the origin of the movement: the March lows. We are going to see how the weekly candle closes this Friday, but if I'm honest, the loss of last week's lows would generate many doubts about the value. Very kind for your words, thank you very much.

Cellnex daily chart

Hello. I would like to know your opinion about Grifols. Much is said for the good of this company and its medications, but it does not finish starting. I do not know whether to sell them, with slight losses and look for another value. What does the company chart tell you? Thanks and regards. E.MC.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Grifols We have analyzed it numerous times in recent weeks. The last, this Thursday (read it here). It is a value that I expected much more. But since it pierced the base of the bullish channel of the last seven-eight years it is no longer the same. The bullish 'momentum' has been lost and it has also just pierced the September lows. And as you surely know, building decreasing highs and lows does not go up. No support is observed up to the level of approx. 19-19.25 euros: the decreasing support that joins all the lows of the last year. Thanks to you, greetings.

Grifols weekly chart

Hello. I am invested in ACS and Ence with significant profits. Is it a good time to collect profits? Thank you very much for the enormous work you do and your analysis. V.M.

Dear investor, good afternoon. ACS it is a clear hold as long as the price continues to "surf" above the support it has in the price range of 24.24-24.50 euros. This level also corresponds to the maximums of June and October of last year. In other words, what we have is double support at the old resistance levels. As long as this support holds in weekly candles, we understand that the value is only unfolding one side to go up again when it ends.

ACS weekly chart

As to Ence, more of the same. In the short term, the corrections correct the previous important increases (+ 40%) and may continue in the short term. Despite this, the large double bottom is still intact and this points towards 5.50 euros. It is a theoretical minimum rise target and there is nothing that tells us that it cannot be met later. No support has been drilled to detract from the formation. Thank you very much for your words, very kind.

Ence weekly chart

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