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Easter: Health agrees with the CCAA the closure but will allow students to travel



The Public Health Commission, in which all the autonomous communities and cities and the Ministry of Health are represented, has agreed this Thursday the perimeter closure of the autonomous communities and the limitation of night mobility between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., on the occasion of the Easter week.

The proposals presented also include the recommendation of meetings of between 4 and 6 people in public spaces and prohibiting such meetings in private spaces and the prohibition of mass events. Unlike the draft presented on Wednesday afternoon, the proposal does not include, for lack of agreement, that university students studying in other regions do not return to their places of origin during the holidays.

The document presented to the autonomous communities this Thursday is called ‘Proposal of Public Health Measures against Covid-19 for Easter holidays 2021'And its approval is expected at the Interterritorial Health Council on Wednesday, March 10.

The main objective of the Government is to limit mobility between Friday, March 26 and Friday, April 9 to avoid a fourth wave of infections and not to repeat the mistakes made at Christmas, with a relaxation of the measures that plunged the country into the third wave from which it is currently recovering.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has advised the autonomous communities that the document that is approved in the Interterritorial Council "it will be mandatory".

The text calls for avoiding "unnecessary trips" and urges the autonomies "not to lower the alert level, even if the indicators are favorable and to maintain the measures established at that time."

Therefore, mobility will be limited by the perimeter closure of all autonomous communities, although with the exceptions already foreseen in the current State of Alarm.

On the other hand, Health and autonomous communities have agreed on not to hold massive events "of any kind that involve crowding or concentration of people". "The ceremonies in closed spaces will follow the rules of capacity and other measures established according to the level of alert of each autonomous community", collects the text.

Also ask "limit or maintain meetings in public or private spaces to a maximum of 4 to 6 people", as well as that the autonomies veto" the celebration of social meetings in the homes or in other closed spaces with non-partners".

Finally, the Commission considers it "pertinent" to make a institutional campaign to avoid the relaxation of behaviors under the name "We are not saving weeks, we are saving lives." "This effort should include the integration into the communication strategies of elements aimed at reducing the impact of 'pandemic fatigue' on control measures and propose the anticipated risk scenarios, including the hope that the good results of the vaccines used to control the epidemic provide, "the text states.



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