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Technical analysis office: Solaria, BBVA, PharmaMar, Soltec, Vidrala, BMW, Inovio and Ferrari



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes PharmaMar, BBVA, Soltec, Inovio, Vidrala, BMW, Ferrari and Solaria.

Technical analysis

Hello good day. I bought PharmaMar at 69.75 euros. In no rush to sell, looking at the medium and long term, but not wanting to lose. I have put a ‘stop’ at 87 euros. Do I raise it to 101 euros? Greetings. E.C.

Dear investor, good afternoon. PharmaMar We have analyzed it this morning before the market opens (read it here). The graph continues to show good manners despite the strong lurching of recent months. In the short term, the price is respecting with maximum precision the guideline that joins the increasing lows since the end of 2020. In theory, it is possible to bet on an attack on the resistance of 120 euros. And above we have the 130 and the 2020 highs at 148 euros. As the most important supports, the 100 euros and especially the imposing bullish gap at the end of January at 87.80 euros. All the best.

PharmaMar daily chart

Good morning, Mr. José María. I would like you to analyze BBVA with a view to the medium and long term and after the latest results. I would also like you to analyze Soltec. Thank you very much and greetings. J.V.

Dear reader, good afternoon. BBVA It is one of the strongest banks in our country in recent times. Let's say that what we have had recently has been a 'zigzag', a corrective 'abc'. So, with its short-term corrections, we do not rule out that it ends up heading towards the important resistance zone that it has in the long-term bearish guideline, now around six euros. With the clear permission of the intermediate resistances, at 5.05 and 5.25 euros.

BBVA weekly chart

As to SoltecWe have him playing with fire again. The drop from the January highs is nearly 50%. And the only thing that can make you react in the very short term is the fact that we have you at the base (by definition support) of the bearish channel of the last two months. If it does not manage to react from here, a return to the support of six euros and even the all-time lows of five euros cannot be ruled out. Let's see whether or not it can grab the bottom of the bearish channel. Thanks to you, greetings.

Soltec daily chart

Good morning, Mr. José Mª. First of all, thank you for this section and for your comments, always thoughtful and enlightening. My question is for Inovio Pharmaceuticals. I wanted to know if it is a good idea to position yourself in it. Thanks a lot. F.B.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Inovio It is displaying a wide lateral movement since last summer, with very clear support at $ 8.26 and resistance at $ 19: bearish gap in mid-August and highs in February. The problem in the short term is that we have the value in a nobody's zone, far from the mentioned control zones. In other words, everything that happens within this range will have no technical implications of any kind. Now, if later this were able to close the aforementioned bearish gap, there we would have a clear sign of strength that would clearly be inviting us to open long in the company. Meanwhile, on the sidelines. Thanks to you, greetings.

Inovio Pharma daily chart

Hello. Could you analyze Vidrala? I have shares bought at 82 euros. Greetings. V.LL.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Vidrala It is one of those titles that is always bullish in the medium and long term. Sometimes it decides to stop and deploy a lateral movement (reaction phase) but without ever piercing important support levels within the current bullish background, or primary structure. Within the current upward trend we can see a bullish channel from the March lows of a year ago. Since then and without making any noise, the price has beaten the previous historical highs and therefore we are facing an absolute free rise value and we already know that there is no sign of strength more important than this. All the best.

Vidrala weekly chart

Hello. I am a young man who has just started in this world of the stock market. I have to admit that I love your page for all the articles and analyzes that you do on a daily basis. That said, I wanted to ask about the two stocks in the automobile sector: BMW and Ferrari. I would like to make a small portfolio and within the car sector these two are the ones I like the most. And to you? Thinking in the long term. Keep in that way. Thanks a lot. D.RS.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The graph of BMW speaks for itself. The main bearish guideline from the all-time highs in 2015 is flawless. It seems drawn with pencils. Which means that above this and above all the highs of 2020 (77.30) we will have an important sign of strength in terms of the medium and long term. I do not rule out that the value will continue to correct in the short term, in the coming weeks, but after this correction / proportional adjustment of the previous rises it is likely that it will attack, this time successfully, the bearish guideline. Without a doubt to follow closely for what could happen with the guideline.

BMW weekly chart

As to FerrariFirst of all, I have to admit that I expected much more from the value. In fact, the luxury sector has been doing very well for quite some time and this has been one of our bets for some time and it continues to do very well. That said, Ferrari falls 17% from the annual and all-time highs it set at the beginning of the year at 191.30 euros. And despite this, it is still bullish in terms of the medium and long term. The rising lows and highs are still there and thus a bottom downtrend is not built. Another thing is that I do not like what he has done in recent weeks.

The most important support is at 150-150.50 euros: the lows of August and October 2020. In view of the significant daily oversold, some rebound (reaction phase) can be expected that could bring it closer to the upper part of the channel. bearish, now at approx. 173 euros. On the other hand he is flirting and at the moment he cannot with the daily MM200 that he has drilled lower recently. No, I do not like what I am seeing on the short-term chart, but it is true that before we can see a significant rebound and there may be a time to get out of value, just in case. If BMW ends up exceeding the bearish guideline, I would prefer the German manufacturer rather than the Italian one.

Ferrari daily chart

Good afternoon, I have been wanting to enter Solaria for a long time and the truth is that after the strong falls in January and February I have taken away my desire seeing what it is capable of when it starts to fall. Can you think of a strategy with little to lose right now in the title? Many thanks. A.PR.

Dear investor, good afternoon. I am not surprised Solaria Due to its high volatility, it has become the 'chicharro' of the Ibex. Rare is the session where he hasn't moved + -5% lately. That said, for the moment I would not enter. We do not have a return figure to confirm the end of the current corrective phase. This recently drilled the important support of 19.50-20 euros and for the moment the price does not seem to want to attack this new resistance. I would feel more comfortable outside of this for a while, until the price gives us more information than we now have. Well, what we have is a clear perforation of supports and small rebounds against trend. Nothing more. Many thanks to you, greetings.

Solaria daily chart

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