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'Berlin' hard fork, EIP-1559, Beacon Chain ETH 2.0, first ETH ETF



This article provides an update on some of the hottest topics currently in the Ethereum community.

The hard fork ‘Berlin’ has been scheduled

According to a Coindesk report, on February 19, at an Ethereum core developers meeting, it was decided to tentatively schedule the Berlin network upgrade for a block height of 12,244,000, which means April 14.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anrbnroO3dc (/ embed)

According to the specifications for the Berlin network upgrade, this fork will bring the following Ethereum Enhancement Proposals (EIP) to the current ETH 1.0 blockchain:


Ethereum consultant Ryan Berckmans said yesterday (Feb 26) that EIP-1559, which most people in the Ethereum community believe cannot arrive soon enough, should launch on the ETH 1.0 mainnet in July. .

EIP-1559 is a change in the fee market for the current ETH 1.0 blockchain. More specifically, it introduces a transaction pricing mechanism that "includes a fixed network fee per block that burns and dynamically expands / contracts block sizes to cope with transient congestion."

Beacon Chain ETH 2.0 validators

Bitfly's ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain scan tool tells us that as of 08:00 UTC on February 27, there are almost 100,000 active validators, with around 3.19 million ETH (worth approximately $ 4.74 billion ) staked.

Beacon Chain Ethereum Explorer 2.0
Source: Bitfly's Open Source Beacon Chain Ethereum 2.0 Explorer

First Ethereum ETF

On Thursday (February 25), CI Global Asset Management (“CI GAM”) announced that it “submitted and obtained a receipt for a preliminary prospectus” in Canada for CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF (“ETHX”). Once launched, it should be the world's first Ether (ETH) ETF.

Kurt MacAlpine, CEO of CI Financial, CI GAM's parent company, had this to say:

“Cryptocurrencies are transforming the financial world and we are excited to launch the world's first ETF that invests directly in Ether, one of the most valued cryptocurrencies…

CI is rapidly establishing a leadership position in this space, having launched CI Galaxy Bitcoin Fund and recently presenting a preliminary prospectus for CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF, in partnership with Galaxy Digital blockchain and cryptocurrency experts. With these funds, we are reducing the sticking points that investors have traditionally faced when buying and holding cryptocurrencies. The CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF is an important addition to that line, as this emerging asset class gains increasing interest and validation. ”

The CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (STX) under the symbol ETHX. "You will invest directly in Ether with your listed holdings using the Bloomberg Galaxy Ethereum Index ('ETH Index'), which is designed to measure the performance of a single Ether traded in US dollars." The ETH Index is owned and managed by Bloomberg Index Services Ltd.

NFT Mania continues

Two days ago, the NFT Nifty Gateway art market, which was acquired by the Winklevoss Gemini twins' crypto exchange in late 2019, announced that a “# 1/1” artwork (meaning there is only ) by digital artist Mike Winkelmann (aka "BEEPLE"), a graphic designer from Charleston, SC, USA, had just resold on the secondary market for $ 6.6 million.


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