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EOS plans to expand into the public sector in Latin America


Block.one wants to promote the entry of Latin America into the public sector in Latin America.

Block.one is in fact the developer of EOSIO, and has joined LACChain, the alliance supported by the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Lab) to implement Blockchain solutions in the public sector in Latin America, becoming a strategic partner for the provision of technical expertise supported by existing infrastructure providers EOS Costa Rica and EOS Argentina.

LACChain is a global alliance led by IDB Lab, with the objective of accelerate the development of an open and interoperable blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. The alliance has already signed many alliances and collaborations in the past, so today its ecosystem has 40 partners in 12 countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

LACChain currently has two blockchain networks in its framework, LACChain Consensys Quorum Network (also known as Besu) and LACChain EOSIO Network, with a total of 78 nodes that have generated more than 21 million blocks, and are being used in 24 projects, with an average of 12,000 transactions per day in January 2021.

The LACChain Leader and Principal Specialist at BID Lab, Alejandro Pardo, He said:

“LACChain is a techno-legal framework that enables business use of blockchain with transformative impact, not just a new protocol. We care about the performance, usability and construction of the technological infrastructure to support further development of applications with an impact on the inclusion of our communities ”.

Block.one's vice president of blockchain engineering, Bart wyattadded:

“Our goal at Block.one is to change the way the world works to be more transparent, reliable and efficient, which is why we are excited to join the LACChain alliance. In this technical advisory role, we look forward to helping LACChain drive adoption and awareness of the EOSIO platform through educational programs, deeper technical collaboration, and community engagement initiatives. ”

Finally, the co-founder of EOS Costa Rica, Edgar Fernandez, commented:

“We have been providing a strong and reliable infrastructure for blockchains for the last 6 years from Latin America, and we are excited to see how we can accelerate the adoption of blockchain when we combine our specialized regional expertise with the innovation and broad reach of Block.one del IDB ”.

EOS projects in Latin America

LACChain can help implement solutions for urgent public sector problems, such as economic instability, lack of ownership, corruption or lack of accountability in the industrial sector.

The projects in development are:

  • ioCash and Peru Compras, for cross-border payments with stable coins,
  • Blockcerts Caribe, a real-time digital academic diploma verification system,
  • CADENA, a blockchain solution to improve cross-border data exchange between customs administrations.

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