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Etherland the metaverse of the real estate industry


The way we can access places and information in the world is changing and Etherland is not far behind with its proposal that makes us enter a digital Metaverse in which we can have access to all places on the planet to have detailed information on the real estate industry. The main objective of this company is to register and store real world places and display them on a network that will be available to all people globally.

This facilitates the visualization and acquisition of goods for all people since the real estate industry has been a sector with old methodologies full of borders that lack dynamism, but this is changing thanks to Etherland and its decentralized network that allows all people access information on thousands of properties worldwide such as Hotels, Houses, Buildings, Land, Shops, among others, to create a commerce ecosystem that will change the way in which business is done in this industry.

All this is carried out in the network of Ethereum since the priThe main attraction of the platform is to tokenize goods and stimulate trade without borders to offer the possibility of owning any property in which we are willing to invest our money, this significantly reduces the gap between the digitized economies of the block chain and the real estate industry that has generally always been a bit exclusive and difficult to access. In this way, anyone can be part of this Metaverse in which the world is just a click away.

The Etherland Token. LAND ID

Etherland like many other digital trading platforms also has a token which we can acquire to become creditors of the available properties. Before starting to explain its use, it is important to know that it is a Non-fungible token (NFT) and basically this means that it is a digital asset that has a unique identification that is registered through smart contracts, therefore no two are the same and they cannot be replaced, exchanged or fractioned and the value is determined by market demand.

Each property will have a tokenized value in what is known as property tokenization to change the identification management of land ownership by converting or supplementing paper documents into tokens ERC721 unique (NFT).

How does Etherland work?

As the main objective of the platform is to offer full and complete access to all the sites, properties and places of the world, the information of the real estate properties and all the sites is hosted on IPFS What is it a distributed storage system and allows direct interaction over a network P2P, this ensures that the information can be easily accessed by everyone at any time and at the same time provides the seal of authenticity for each user who owns a property and a complete history of live updates; in short, it is a combination of interoperable technologies that connect user data with the real world or vice versa.

Etherland is the first global Estatepedia to run on Ethereum Blockchain and your information can reach users to show data such as social networks, real estate characteristics, exact location of properties, places in the world and on the real estate profile page of each user they can create, upload and share real estate data such as legal documents, products, videos, cadastre, location, description of properties, among many other things.

A look to the future!

The expansion capacity of this company in terms of protection of property rights shows us the next step of the real estate industry since it proposes a total digitization of properties in which all are holders of a "LAND ID" To guarantee both the physical and digital protection of the goods and as many more countries accept the blockchain as legal proof, it will undoubtedly be very important to verify and record the data in digital form as it adds an additional layer to the security of property rights.

To learn more about this project, visit its official pages.

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