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The bitcoin market remains unstoppable and exceeds a trillion dollars for the first time


Bitcoin sets new all-time highs. Lately it doesn't matter when you read this, the king of cryptocurrencies is on a bullish rally and going from new highs to new highs. This Friday, without going any further, has conquered for the first time in history $ 54,560

With more than 18.63 million bitcoins created since 2009, the market as a whole represents more than 1.01 trillion dollars. For Naeem Aslam, Avatrade analyst, to exceed this level "This is the most exciting news of this year."

"The integration of payment and store of value are the factors that are driving the price up," explains Aslam. In recent weeks, support has not stopped emerging for bitcoin. Bank of New York Mellon has recently announced that it will start financing the digital asset while Mastercard will support cryptocurrencies on its website.

But not only is bitcoin unstoppable, more of the same is happening with ethereum. The second largest digital currency in the world reached a new record this Friday, surpassing $ 1,960.


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