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Brave Browser now offers NFT via Swag Store


Brave Browser has now implemented non-fungible token (NFT) support on its Swag Store e-commerce platform, expanding a partnership with Origin Protocol.

Brave Limited Edition NFT

Privacy-focused web browser Brave has announced that users will be able to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from its e-commerce platform, Swag Store.

The new feature will allow the sale and direct transfer of limited edition digital collectibles on Ethereum to Brave Store customers.

Brave launched Swag Store last year to sell merchandise using tokens BAT and ETH, in addition to traditional payment options.

Swag Store works with decentralized e-commerce platform Origin Protocol and it is hosted on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a distributed file sharing protocol focused on privacy.

Source: Brave Browser

According to Brave, initial NFT sales will comprise 30 limited edition tokens based on winning submissions recently at the meme competition by Brave.

When buying NFT from the Brave Swag Store, users will need to enter their Ethereum address at checkout and then pay with BAT or ETH using a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, compatible with Brave Browser.

With mainstream artists Y musicians Famous tokenizing their work on Ethereums, the popularity of NFTs has exploded in the last six months, drawing more attention to the NFT market. The world's leading Christie’s auction house recently announced the first major auction of purely digital art, an NFT.

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