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Almost half of Spaniards have resorted to economic aid due to the coronavirus


Almost half of the Spanish population has requested some type of economic aid in the last six months due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the 'I Study on the financial situation left by Covid-19' produced by To its end.

Specifically, the 48.9% of respondents has requested some type of financial assistance to face the current situation, either by using credit cards (12.3%), requesting a loan (5.3%), resorting to the Public Administration (2.9%) or with the help of family and friends (23.3%).

The study shows differences regarding the employment situation of the respondents, highlighting that 72.3% of the self-employed declares to have asked for some kind of help, in contrast to the pensioners (less than 25%).

On the other hand, Asufin has appreciated a "clear tightening "of the conditions in granting loans by the banks, since only 60.4% have been granted it without problems (compared to the usual 80%). 19% have achieved it, but modifying conditions, and 20.6% have not been granted it.

Also, almost half of the population (49.1%) admit that your income is down, of which 8% have seen them reduced by more than half. 15% of those surveyed earn 10% less and 14%, between 10% and 30% less.

In this scenario, 46.2% of those surveyed consider that their current financial situation is worse (29.1%) or much worse (17.1%) than six months ago, a pessimism that prevails mainly with the self-employed, who declare that their economic situation has deteriorated in 60.7% of cases, and the youngest, in 55%. A scant 5% are optimistic and think that their current financial situation will improve in the short term.

By autonomous communities, those most linked to tourism perceive their financial situation especially negative, such as Canary Islands (53%), Balearics (52.5%), Catalonia (50.9%) or Andalusia (49.6%).

Patricia Suarez, President of Asufin, stressed that, given the absolutely extraordinary circumstances brought about by the pandemic that have destabilized many family economies, "all economic agents must redouble their efforts so that the crisis does not continue to ravage the most vulnerable" .

He also warned that "the risks of over-indebtedness, delinquency and non-payment are more present than ever and we have to preserve the financial health of all consumers."


The report also reflects an impact of the pandemic on the family savings, since up to 23% of the population affirms that they are being forced to use your savings on a day-to-day basis.

In front of them, there is 18% who are saving at the moment, although a large part of it is due to "saving from fear"Asufin explains. The most prominent percentage is 40.3%, which states that both now and six months ago they do not have the ability to save.

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