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Aragonese: "It is time to resolve the conflict by voting in a referendum"


ERC has obtained 33 seats in the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia of February 14 and has tied with the PSC in deputies, although not in percentage of votes, a figure in which it has remained below the Socialists: 21.3% compared to 23%. However, the vast majority of the pro-independence movement, 50% of the votes, suggests that the republican candidate, Pere Aragonès, will become the next president of the Generalitat, a position he held since the disqualification of the former president, Quim Torra. In a joint appearance with the Republican leader, Oriol Junqueras, the current vice president has made clear his intention to attempt the investiture.

"The result of these elections in Catalonia is unappealable. In the Parliament there is a majority of pro-independence deputies, and today a new stage has to begin. We want to get out of this crisis without leaving anyone behind," said Aragonès. He has not hesitated to send a message to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to whom he said: "It is time to resolve the conflict. We have to vote in a self-determination referendum".

After the "historic results" in which 50% of the pro-independence votes are surpassed for the first time: "A new stage begins with immense force to achieve amnesty and the republic," said Aragonès.

In turn, Junqueras has celebrated that "for the first time in 80 years, ERC will once again hold the presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya." He has also asked for consensus for "amnesty" and "republic".

The ERC leader arrived at the headquarters of his party at around 8pm to follow the election night, and upon entering he greeted party members and journalists: "Thank you for being here."

Junqueras has entered the headquarters about 30 minutes after the presidency of ERC, Pere Aragonès, who has arrived accompanied by his wife, Janina Juli, and former minister Raül Romeva. Romeva and Junqueras, like the rest of the prisoners on October 1, will be able to spend the election night with their formation because, having the third grade, they will not have to return to prison until Monday night.


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