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Nicolás López (Singular Bank): "We do not recommend bitcoin, it has no guarantees"


The Ibex It is once again the worst of the European indices after starting the year at the top. The initial strength of the selective seems to have been a mirage and our stock market is again at the bottom of the Old Continent, its natural position for a long time. However, Nicolás López, Singular Bank's director of equity analysis, remains confident and remarks that the underlying trend, both in the Ibex and in the rest of the indices, "continues to be bullish".

Despite this, Singular Bank's position in Spain is small because it focuses on investing in sectors with little presence in our country, such as technology, health, biotechnology, renewable energy, robotics, artificial intelligence … These are sectors that reflect the long-term transformation processes that the economy is undergoing, derived from technological advances or the energy transition.

Also, depending on how the pandemic evolves, the firm has given a more cyclical profile to the portfolio, adding industrial sectors and raw materials and avoiding banks and energy, "which are more problematic sectors," says López.

Asian markets are also among their preferences since they are countries that are leaving the crisis behind and that have very dynamic economies, focused on technology.

Among all these recommendations It is not in bitcoin, which they do not consider an asset that offers sufficient guarantees, neither legal nor regulatory.

If you want to see all the opinions of Nicolás López, click on the video of the complete interview, where you will also learn about the Spanish values ​​that Singular Bank prefers.

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