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Oryzon flies on the stock market after FDA approval of its leukemia drug


The actions of Oryzon have flown in the stock market and have advanced more than 10% after the U.S. Drug Administration (FDA) has approved your iadademstat drug for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia

Iadademstat is an experimental orally active, small molecule drug that acts as a covalent inhibitor of the epigenetic enzyme LSD1, a chromatin remodeler that interacts with a variety of transcription factors involved in leukemia and other cancers.

“Receiving orphan drug designation for iadademstat in LMA is an important recognition of the role of new drugs with new mechanisms of action they can bring to this community of patients, where beyond stem cell transplantation, we still do not have any potentially curative drugs, "commented Torsten Hoffmann, Global Director of R&D and CSO at Oryzon.

"At this point the only resistance it has at this time is 4.40 euros (maximum in January) and above it. there is nothing up to the all-time highs at 5.25 euros. Obviously the movement will take place with its corrections against trend, not in a linear way, "explains José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at ForexNews.online.

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