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Super Bowl 2021: the enigmatic 'theory' of the stock market and its dizzying figures


The Final of the Super Bowl 2021 is played this Sunday, February 7, at 00:30 Spanish time, with the game between Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa will host the 55th final of the most important competition in American football. The Buccaneers face the defending champions at home.

Besides the dizzying figures that are handledLike the bonuses to the players who win the game, the ticket prices or the announcement at halftime, the Super Bowl game has yet another incentive: la famous stock theory of the Dow Jones.

If you want to know what this disturbing theory says, the budget who will have The Weeknd and Rosalía for his performance at halftime and other figures, watch the video that we leave you above.


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