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The bitcoin, once again on the verge of caramel


If you remember, right at the end of January we talked about the flag formation which was and is shaping the bitcoin. And we explained that the least thing was whether it was a formation of consolidation of levels in the form of a triangle, a 'pennant' or a 'flag'. What is important is that it is a stop, a stop on the way to rest and catch air heading into the next big bullish stretch. Well, the price is already beginning to "show its head" above the short-term bearish channel and at this moment it is attacking the resistance it presents in the last decreasing maximum ($ 38,755). Above this, it is normal for it to go relatively easily to the historical highs ($ 42,730), with a high probability of beating them and getting back into an absolute free rise.

But first we need the price to clearly confirm above the highs of the January 29 session ($ 38,700 cash). And above the all-time highs, anything is possible …$ 50,000$ 100,000.

Daily chart of the future of bitcoin

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