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Jeff Bezos steps aside and will step down as Amazon CEO in Q3


Jeff Bezos has his days counted as CEO of Amazon. The tycoon has announced during the presentation of the results that he will assume the position of CEO in the third quarter. He will be replaced in office by Andy Jassy, current CEO of Amazon Web Services.

"In the role of CEO, I intend to focus my energies and attention on new products and early initiatives," Bezos explained in a letter to employees.

Bezos' announcement has caught the market by surprise and his shares are acting with a lot of volatility in the 'after hours' of Wall Street, which includes the operations after hours.

The still CEO of Amazon seeks with this movement to have Enough "time and energy" to focus on the Earth Fund, Blue Origin and Washington Post. In fact, Blue Origin has been one of its top priorities in recent months, to such an extent that it is rumored that the company could send the first passengers into space in April.

The company's earnings have taken a backseat, overshadowed by the Bezos effect. Although this does not mean that they are not data to celebrate. Has declared the best quarter in its history after generating $ 125.56 billion in sales.

“If you do it right, a few years after an amazing invention, the new has become normal. People yawn. That yawn is the highest compliment an inventor can receive, ”said Bezos.

“When I look at our financial results, what we are actually seeing are the long-term cumulative results of the invention. Right now I see Amazon at its most inventive, which makes it an optimal time for this transition, "he said in relation to his resignation.


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