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Musk to donate 100 million to whoever invents the best carbon capture technology



Elon Musk continues to act as King Midas. The CEO of Tesla has collapsed after becoming the richest man in the world and will donate 100 million dollars to whoever invents the best carbon technology.

"I am donating 100 million dollars for an award for best carbon capture technologyor ", the South African has communicated through his Twitter account. As usual in all his tweets, madness has been unleashed and currently has 10,800 retweets.

The details are not yet known, in fact, Musk himself has assured that it will be "next week" when he can provide more information.

The tycoon can afford to give away 100 million, especially considering that his net worth exceeds 150,000 million. This figure has allowed him to surpass Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who held this position since 2017 according to the ranking prepared by Bloomberg.

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