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Craig Wright has decided to claim the copyright on the Bitcoin whitepaper


Craig wright, also know as Faketoshi, has decided claim copyright on Bitcoin whitepaper.

This was reported in an article by CoinGeek, a post known to be linked to the Bitcoin SV project of which Wright is a co-founder.

The same article states that, although Satoshi Nakamoto has always consented to the free distribution of the whitepaper, Craig Wright has now accused five websites that currently post it of copyright infringement, including the bitcoin.org website originally created by Satoshi Nakamoto at the end. 2008.

The point is that, as is well known, Wright claims to be Satoshi, and although very few people believe him, he is obviously sure that he can get some benefit from it.

Also, while it would theoretically be very easy for the real Satoshi to prove himself beyond any doubt, Wright has thus far not done so.

Bitcoin.org to Craig Wright: "We will continue to host the Bitcoin whitepaper"

The bitcoin.org operators obviously responded by saying no.

They refer to a letter they received from Wright's attorneys stating that Craig owns the copyright to this whitepaper, the Bitcoin name, and even the ownership of bitcoin.org.

The answer is:

"We believe that these claims are unfounded and we refuse to do so."

Furthermore, they write that the original Bitcoin whitepaper was included in the original project files clearly released under a license from MIT by Satoshi Nakamoto, so there is no doubt that it is legal to publish it.

At this point they add:

“We will continue to host the Bitcoin whitepaper and we will not be silenced or intimidated. Others who host the whitepaper should follow our example to resist these false accusations. "

A curious initiative in this regard is that of the co-founder of Monero, Riccardo Spagni, who created the CraigWrightIsNotSatoshi.com website where he posted the whitepaper “Distributed by Satoshi Nakamoto under the MIT license in the original Bitcoin source code".

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