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Technical analysis office: IAG, Audax, Sacyr, Inditex, Unicaja, Lleida.net, Intel and Wirecard



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Wirecard, Intel, Sacyr, Unicaja, IAG, Inditex, Lleida.net and Audax Renovables.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. I would like to know your opinion of Wirecard. I am one of those investors who is very caught up in value. What do you think? What can we do? Thanks a lot. M.SO.

Dear investor, good afternoon. There isn't much to tell you about a title like Wirecard in the present moment. It sank after the accounting irregularities became known and the market does not forgive these things. It is impassive. Admittedly, it was to pierce the long-term bullish guideline and crash. Figure back, bounces apart, has not. Of any kind. Just comment that in the very short term we have support at the 2020 lows at 0.30 euros and below the historical lows at 0.25 euros (November 2002). On the side of resistance, we have the most immediate at 1.85 euros (maximum of the session of January 5 this year). To this day I am sorry to tell you that there is nothing that invites us to think about a change in trend, it is still too early for it. Those investors who are out but want to enter … know that the market is not going to buy weakness. We should only go to the market to buy strength and there is no way to get this title. Thanks to you, greetings.

Wirecard long-term monthly chart

Good morning, José María. Thanks for your always accurate analysis. Could you please analyze the Intel graph for me? Do you think it is a good time to get in after the last few climbs? Thank you very much and best regards. J.IS.

Dear reader, good afternoon. In recent days the titles of Intel have risen strongly. But what is really interesting is the area from where the rebound has occurred: from the horizontal support that joins the lows of the end of 2018, summer of 2019 and March of 2020. As can be seen in the long-term monthly graph, there we have a very important support. From which it is deduced that, as long as it does not pierce the support range of $ 42.30- $ 43.60, in weekly candles and at closing prices we can try again to the upside in the title. Obviously much better the closer to the support zone to which we have referred. It is you. very nice thank you very much.

Intel Corporation Monthly Chart

Good morning, José María. My query is about Sacyr, which I have bought shares last October and today I have an important profit, and Unicaja. In the latter I have them at an average price of 0.70 euros and I have been with the first shares of this title since 2018. It seems that it is the most recommended bank value, but it does not finish breaking. What do you advise me? Thank you very much for your help, always. M.AA.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Sacyr It seems to be shaping a small triangle (falling highs and rising lows) in recent weeks. But the important thing at this time is that it has significant resistance in the weekly bearish gap for March at 2,142 euros. A gap that has been almost completely filled but has not been closed / canceled to date. Closing it would be an interesting sign of strength in the short term. Prelude to what can be a before and after in the title in the sense of leaving the door open to a movement in search of the 2020 highs at 2.75 euros. There is no sign of weakness in Sacyr in terms of the short term that invites us to close the longs that you opened. at the time.

Sacyr weekly chart

As to Unicaja the graph is easy to interpret. Although since the April lows we have rising lows and highs, embedded within an impeccable bullish channel, it is still trading below the primary or main bearish guideline. This joins the successive decreasing maximums since May 2018 and currently stands at approximately 0.76 euros. In addition to the important resistance conferred by the weekly bearish gap in March at 0.8220 euros. In short, we have significant resistance in the range of 0.76-0.82 euros, they will not be easy to leave behind. Thank you very much, greetings.

Unicaja weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Thank you very much for your technical analysis section, the truth is that they are very useful to me. I would like you to comment on the technical aspect of IAG and Inditex after the last increases. A cordial greeting. A.C

Dear investor, good afternoon. Little by little the graph of IAG. Regarding the short term, the control zones are at 1.44 euros (support) and two euros (resistance). And everything that happens within this price range will have no implications of any kind. Now above the two euros In closing prices it is possible to bet on an upward outcome in search of the weekly downward gap in March, at 2.61 euros. A gap that was filled in the June rebound but was never closed.

IAG weekly chart

As to Inditex, and as long as the support presented at the December lows (24.90) is not pierced, we understand that the graph invites optimism. A potential attack on the resistance of 28.28 euros (November highs). And above all there is nothing really important until the 2020 highs at 31.70 euros. Insist on how important it is to respect the support it has in the last growing low to which we have referred before. Thanks to you, greetings.

Inditex weekly chart

Good Morning. At what price level would it be interesting to enter Lleida.net? And, on the other hand, do you think it is time to enter Audax Renovables? Lately there is a lot of favorable news about the renewables company. Thanks a lot. F.XD.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Audax Renewables is a value that we analyze this Tuesday (read it here) and that has an interesting technical aspect in the sense that the title is attacking important levels of resistance. If I did, then it would be time to jump on the shopping bandwagon. At the moment the weekly candle that will end up drawing the underlying tells us that it cannot with the resistance / bearish guideline that joins the decreasing highs since the beginning of 2018.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

As to Lleida.net We have him in the reaction phase, or what is the same, adjusting the previous rises proportionally. And he is doing it within a bearish channel of manual, of book. Until it leaves this channel above, in the absence of a return figure, we cannot speak of a potential upward trend change. In the short term it presents an important support at 5.40 euros. A greeting.

Lleida.net daily chart

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