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Madrid hoteliers ask for "the greatest possible effort" to speed up vaccination


The Madrid Hotel Business Association asks the public authorities "the best possible effort" to speed up the vaccination of the entire population in order to open the hotels as soon as possible.

Madrid hoteliers have requested this Thursday that the vaccination process is accelerated to all citizens with the aim of achieve the economic recovery of the sector. They also claim that it is necessary to have "a certain normality" to "not continue compromising the future of our professionals and hotels".

The association defends that always have defended the health of citizens above alleven their financial situation. However, the hotel sector continues to be one of the most affected in the pandemic. For this reason they ask for a "greater effort".

The organization emphasizes: "From the hotel sector we have always defended that the health of citizens is above all else. provision of the Ministry of Health for hotels to be medicalized both for coronavirus patients who have required isolation conditions and for healthcare personnel, thus manifesting our commitment to society. "

In this sense, they affirm that the arrival of the vaccine to Spain is a "shock for a multitude of sectors that have been deeply affected by the pandemic. "Mar de Miguel, the AEHM secretary general, affirms that" the more population has been vaccinated, the more tranquility is generated both in the country and internationally.

Besides, the calm country is a great attraction for tourism, one of the main economic sources in Spain, and offers "confidence" so that people can enjoy safe stays in their hotels. "We have to achieve immunity as soon as possible to reactivate economic activity and, with it, tourist mobility. On the contrary, we will not be able to save the next seasons and our sector will be put in danger once again ", defended the Secretary General of AEHM.

The association ensures that the sector is in a "critical" situation, since 70% of the hotels remain closed and, in those that are open, the occupancy is less than 15%. So that the vaccine is "an opportunity for, at least, the hotel companies that had planned to close, they can be maintained until the summer ".


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