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MicroStrategy and the market giants have created a course to accelerate the corporate adoption of Bitcoin


The business intelligence company MicroStrategy, one of the largest holders of Bitcoin in the market, announced the completion of a course aimed at the institutional market to "accelerate corporate adoption." Market giants such as Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Fidelity and Galaxy Digital will be present at the event.

The announcement of the event, which will take place on February 3 and 4, was made through the official website of the company and through the Twitter from CEO and Bitcoin enthusiast Michael Saylor. The course entitled “Bitcoin for Corporations” will include the following topics:

  1. Macroeconomic environment, prospects, treasury and investment strategy
  2. Integration of Bitcoin in the balance sheet or P&L of public and private companies
  3. Financial, operational, systems and execution considerations
  4. Legal and regulatory considerations
  5. Accounting, tax and audit considerations

The course will also present documents and information on the adoption of Bitcoin by the company. These 'treasure secrets' will be available to participants interested in integrating Bitcoin into their company.

“In order to accelerate corporate adoption and facilitate the development of best practices, MicroStrategy will make certain documents and information that it used to implement Bitcoin as a primary cash reserve asset available to the public for other companies interested in adopting a strategy. of Bitcoin can consult them ”, says the publication.

Institutional markets

Billionaire investor Raoul Pal says there is a 'wall of money' entering the cryptocurrency market. And this trend could cause the asset to reach a million dollars.

“We have not arrived yet, but it is happening. Then there are institutions, donations, pension plans and, within that, you will find a government … suddenly, let's say we allocate 5% in bitcoin ”.

This trend, which started in 2020 with the bold purchases of MicroStrategy, appears to be just beginning and if confirmed, the cryptocurrency may hit all-time highs, starting to hit head-on with established assets such as gold, silver or even the US dollar. .

What is your prediction for institutional adoption of Bitcoin in 2021? Will we have more companies entering this market than in 2020? Leave your opinion on our Facebook page or on our Twitter.

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