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Famous actress Lindsay Lohan appeared promoting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)



A video of the famous actress Lindsay Lohan promoting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) has appeared online.

In the video, Lohan also makes her prediction about the prices of the two assets.

It's certainly a rather strange video, especially since the actress only prophesies that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $ 100,000 and Ethereum to $ 10,000.

In fact, many do not understand the meaning of the video, which does not contain any information, which makes many users wonder if it is actually her, a lookalike or a deep fake.

Another detail that does not go unnoticed is the fact that the video was uploaded to a different profile than hers and therefore suggests that the actress could have made the video by contract, for a succulent reward, since there would be no valid reason for her get into the cryptocurrency sector and profess these prices.

Lindsay Lohan's Bitcoin Prediction

In any case, these are not necessarily completely wrong predictions and claims and, in the long run, could be confirmed by a market explosion.

Also, Lohan is not the only one who has said that Bitcoin could soon be worth $ 100,000 given that a few days ago JP Morgan stated that we could soon see BTC at $ 146,000.

Recently, in fact, there have been spikes that have doubled the price of Bitcoin, showing that there is still room for growth, just like for other crypto assets.


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