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Still no roscón de reyes? These are the best home delivery patisseries


The coronavirus has left Christmases a bit atypical, family gatherings with few relatives, Christmas parties with little party and hours with a curfew. However, there is a tradition that never changes: the roscón de reyes.

This Tuesday, January 5, the Three Kings night will be celebrated, which is full of surprises, including the sweetest ones. But, Which is better roscón? As is also tradition, both the afternoon before the arrival of their majesties, and the same morning, January 6, can be seen long lines waiting to buy typical food that closes the Christmas holidays.

It is not easy to select a roscón de reyes to the taste of all members of the family. Some prefer them without filling, and many others opt for adding a little flavor, 60% of Spaniards want it filled with cream, 20% choose the chocolate cream and the other 20% declare themselves a fan of the cream, according to data collected in a report by Deliveroo, the British fast food delivery company.

Food delivery was already a trend a few years ago, however, as a result of the pandemic and, to avoid unnecessary outings, many people choose to order food from home. This year home service has become a very appealing proposition for many. Deliveroo has posted a list with the best roscones to order at home.


Madrid's pastry shop with more than 140 years of history offers the possibility of Taste the classic roscón de reyes with a good cup of chocolate.

Viena Capellanes allows its customers to pick up the roscón at the store, which is located on Paseo del Molino 6, in less than 15 minutes, or if you prefer, it has 24 hour and express shipping for faster.


One of Madrid's classics could not be missing from this list, the Mallorca Pastry. To avoid the long lines that form every year at its pastry shops in the capital, have enabled home service. You can order the traditional roscón and any of its varieties with the express service in 1h within M-30 and 90min outside the M-30.


The pastry shop with three physical stores in the capital has joined this initiative and offers the classic roscón with candied fruits and almonds. Bakers & Coffe allows you to order by your website or through your app any of their roscones to pick up at their premises or send them to your home.


The British company has concluded the list of pastry shops that offer roscones at home with Granier and Santagloria, who join the Christmas initiative that tries to adapt to new circumstances marked by the coronavirus pandemic.


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