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The Ibex closes far from highs as it fears new confinements due to the virus



He IBEX 35 has risen by 0.32%, to 8,099.20 points, after having exceeded the 8,200 points in the best moments of the day. After closing 2020 with a 15% drop, at 8,073 points, investors have started the year pending the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and the result of the Senate elections in Georgia.

Volatility has risen considerably after Scotland has announced that it is going to impose a complete lockdown for the entire month of January, which has reduced stock market profits considerably.

In addition, the British government has put on the table the possibility of new confinements "similar to those of last March" throughout its territory. Thus, tourist values ​​have been the most punished. So much IAG as Meliá have plummeted more than 6%, followed by Amadeus and Aena.

At the business level, another of the main news is that Prisa rejected Vocento's interest to buy El País and Cadena Ser. The most bullish values ​​of the Ibex have been PharmaMar (+ 7.9%) and Cellnex (+ 4.1%).


On the other hand, elections in Georgia are very important, since decide to control the Senate in the United States, which will mark the legislative agenda of Joe biden for the next two years.

Democrats will need to win both seats, so it is not easy for them. AND the bags prefer a republican victorySince a divided Congress would prevent Biden from raising taxes on big business. In fact, Wall street it has been turned down after it was published that the Democrats have increased their chances of victory.

"A Republican victory should be positive for the market initially, with rises for the bags and falls for the dollar. On the contrary, a Democratic victory should have precisely the opposite effect. Although any stock sale following a Democratic victory should not last more than a few days, since unlimited money at 0% of the Federal Reserve it trumps everything, "says Jeffrey Halley, an analyst at OANDA.

To further complicate the picture, an adjusted result, as surveys anticipate, suggests that the count could last for several days.

At the present time of the day, the asian bags They have risen in a generalized way after a good data of manufacturing in China in the month of December. The negative note has been put by Japanese Nikkei, which has closed in negative before the advance of the coronavirus in Tokyo.

Economically, investors have discounted the December manufacturing data in the main European economies. In Spain, manufacturing activity rose to 51 from 49.8 last month and returned to expansive territory.

And on the evolution of the pandemic, follow the worrying data in the main European countries, while the vaccination campaign continues, the effects of which will still take several months to stop the virus.

Regarding the technical aspect of the Ibex, the index was unable to overcome the resistance of 8,322 points, although after rebounding 30% from last year's lows, its appearance invites optimism, as indicated Cesar Nuez, an analyst at Bolsamanía.

"After exceeding the key level of 8,000 points, we are seeing a consolidation of levels. The correction to the bullish momentum at the beginning of November has not reached the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement, which is undoubtedly a show of force that invites us to think about a next attack to the key level that presents in the 8,322 points"explains Nuez.

"Exceeding this price level seems likely in the early stages of 2021, which would undoubtedly be what would trigger an extension of profits to the level of 8,600 points or even 9,000 points. The support that we will not lose sight of is in the 7,663 points, minimum of December 21. Beware that the abandonment of this price level would complicate its technical perspectives in the short term, "concludes this expert.

In other markets, the Brent oil decreased by 1.6%, to $ 50.96, given the forecast that the OPEC + keep your production going at your monthly meeting in January. In addition, the euro 1% is strongly appreciated and changes to $ 1.2260, while the profitability of the 10-year Spanish bond drops to 0.02%

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