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The Ibex closes 2020 with a cumulative fall of 15.45%, at the bottom of the European stock markets


Last day of a year that everyone has a crazy desire for it to end. In the bags, however, in the end things have "settled down" with the November high and the highs seen in the main indices at the end of December. In this Thursday's session, the Spanish selective has ended up falling 0.99%, to 8,073.7 points. In December, only 0.04% was left. With everything, the Ibex ends 2020 in red (-15.45%) and at the tail of the rest of European places.

Ahead are, in order from worst to best, the Ftse 100 (-11.45%); the Cac (-4.41%); the EuroStoxx 50 (-2.27%); and Dax (+ 3.5%). In the United States, the picture is very different, with very strong rises in the Nasdaq 100 (+ 45%) and also notable rises in the S&P (+ 14%) and the Dow Jones (+ 5.5%).

The day has been atypical in the stock markets, similar to last Thursday, but with the exception that Wall Street operates normally throughout the session. In Europe, the German and Italian stock exchanges do not open, and those that do (including the Ibex) have quoted only until the half session (14 hours). This Friday all the world indices close for the New Year's celebration.

All in all, US indices are flat at this time, after Asia ended the year with a mixed sign day. China and the European Union have finally signed a great investment agreement less than a month before US President-elect Joe Biden, who has reservations about it, takes office. Both parties announced on Wednesday that they have ended the talks around a "Comprehensive Investment Agreement" which gives companies in each region more access to the other's market.

Regarding the technical aspect of the Ibex, will end 2020 without being able to overcome the resistance of 8,200 points. After rising 7.5% from the lows of last day 21, the index has lost strength and is unable to overcome this level, much less attack the next most relevant resistance, at 8,322 points.

The year ends with the feeling and desire that the pandemic is under control, with the population getting vaccinated and eager to in 2021 a clear stage of recovery will begin and without scares. The consensus of analysts is betting on a "pro-stock" year, in which they expect the indices to advance positions supported by the economic recovery expected, especially, in the second half of the year. The closing of the Brexit agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union and the advances in the stimulus plan in the US (as much as there are bumps in the road) have also contributed to the good end of the year along with vaccines.

In any case, nobody is aware that there are new strains of the virus, apparently more contagious, circulating, and prudence remains the most prominent element. Everything seems set for next year to be better than this, although We are all already aware that life can give very unpleasant surprises and nobody has them all with him.

Be that as it may, with our best wishes, Bolsamanía wishes you a Happy New Year.

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